Massage Therapy Schools in Augusta, GA

Massage therapy practice is varied. Some niches have taken off in the Augusta area and some are still waiting for that right person. The time might be now. Massage therapy is among the mid-wage jobs that should see the most growth statewide in the coming five years. So stated a reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in early 2019.

Therapeutic massage is seeing more respect in the healthcare world. A Winder, Georgia massage therapist recently shared with a contributor for Red & Black why massage should be seen more as healthcare than luxury ( The writer cites from the growing body of research about therapeutic massage.

Massage therapist/ chiropractor pairings are common. Licensed Massage Therapists may be stationed at other small health practices. One Augusta center, for example, has a physician, health coach, massage therapist and nutritionist on board. Augusta LMTs can also be found in spas and big name massage chains. February 2019 turns up a couple chains and a hotel advertising for massage therapists in Augusta.

Some massage therapists have their own private massage studios. One will find successful Augusta enterprises that have specialized in particular areas of massage; pain management is a common one. One therapist, for example, touts restorative massage for people who are experiencing pain. She offers specialized Rossiter system and Kinesio taping services and also states that she can provide a customized massage based on evaluation of client needs. Another has a repertoire that includes Rossiter pain management, sports massage, deep tissue, and medi-cupping. Among those she advertises services to: golfers who are in town for Masters Week Augusta Nationals. Yet another Augusta massage therapist draws from her past experience providing specialized to services in a military setting to bring neuromuscular therapy to Augusta residents.

Augusta Massage Schools

The Augusta School of Massage is a school member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). It offers a 600-hour program. Accreditation is through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSCT). Financial aid is available

Miller-Motte Technical College is also an AMTA member. AMTA reports the Miller-Motte program at 900 hours. It is accredited through Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). Here, too, financial aid is available.

Successful Augusta, Georgia Massage Practices

Ye’s Massage has expanded. There’s now Ye’s Massage, Too. The organization characterizes itself as a provider of Oriental massage, but one will find Western modalities as well. Among the advertised services: acupressure, Tui Na, trigger point, deep tissue, pre- and postnatal massage; postnatal is designed to alleviate post-partum physical and mental symptoms.

Balanced Body Spa touts some less common modalities including Shirodara. Here there are LMTs who practice bamboo massage and also Tian Di Bamboo Massage, which incorporates cupping and Gua sha as well as bamboo techniques. Balanced Body Spa’s particular spin on hot stone is the fire element massage. The spa is able to provide infant massage as well as massage for the mother-to-be at different stages. The website indicates there are eight on board who perform massage. The business boasts some other associates, including one who practices life coaching and adjunctive modalities such as vibrational sound therapy. Some Balanced Body Spa massage therapists have had specialized trainings such as trauma release therapy.

Healing Path Massage advertises three modalities: Swedish, deep tissue, and reflexology.

Serenity Massage and Wellness Spa is part of a chain. One will find very detailed bios of LMTs on the website; they include the trainings and continue education courses the provider has pursued. Early 2019 found the organization advertising for an independent contractor to join the team.

The massage market is not just about healthcare. Augusta-area spas that focus on relaxation and luxury or vacation elements of massage sometimes thrown in extras like lunch.

Taking the Lead in Aquatic Therapy

This is an area of the state where you can find one less common but very important modality: aquatic massage! CSRA News recently profiled Katie’s Pool: one of the largest therapy pools in this part of the country ( Stationed at the Family YMCA, it’s supporting people with a range of conditions: paraplegic and quadriplegic, post-stroke, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy. Water massage is now available by appointment (; it’s a useful therapy for people who are not comfortable in traditional massage positions.

Honing One’s Skills

Augusta schools give pre-licensure students a foundation in body sciences, common massage modalities, and business practice. Students may receive some specialized training. LMTs here and around the nation rely on continuing education to develop expertise in specialized modalities and learn how to better serve populations with special needs. Some courses are by necessity hands-on. The good thing is that they’re often offered as short intensives – just a few days. Some will require a trip to a near-by major city like Atlanta. Schools may offer some courses on a regular schedule; they may also host experts or well-known national providers.

Oncology massage is not as well established in this part of the country as some others. LMTs may want to watch for trainings to come to the state.

Massage Therapy Income

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median massage therapist wage in the Augusta-Richmond County area as $21.23 in 2017. Wages at the low end (sometimes thought of as entry-level) ran higher than the nationwide average while those at the upper end were lower. The 10th percentile wage was $13.07, the 25th percentile wage, $19.52. The figure rose to only $22.94 at the 75th percentile and $23.97 at the 90th. Since self-employment is so common, the range of earnings is actually quite wide.

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