Massage School in Billings, Montana

Massage therapists are improving health and well-being in the Billings area. For examples of how, one can turn to the Billings Gazette! A 2018 article profiles a veteran who credits chiropractic care and massage therapy with helping her get back on track physically ( For her, physical injury was compounded by other issues, including post-traumatic stress. A key issue was finding alternatives to pain medication; she sought wellness, not just pain reduction. For some, avoiding unnecessary pharmaceuticals is a matter of safety as well as wellness. The article notes funding sources that help veterans.

Most massage is therapeutic. Stress is itself a health issue and a source of lost revenue to businesses as Montana’s Mother Earth Massage reminds clients ( It differs in the degree to which it is healthcare. Some massage therapists practice clinical massage for special populations. Some massage therapists practice medical massage, a type of bodywork that is not only designed to address specific needs but is prescribed by a healthcare professional. Medical massage can encompass multiple modalities. Sometimes services are even covered by insurance. Employees of the Montana State University System, for example, may be eligible for medical massage.

Massage therapists often ally themselves with other wellness-focused practitioners. The veteran profiled by the Billings Gazette found direction at a naturopathic-led clinic. Montana is among the states that licenses naturopathics. This affords them one more option for forging partnerships (as well as for tackling big issues like chronic and complex pain).

Even mainstream organizations here like the idea of therapeutic massage. Students of Montana State University can opt for massage through ASMSU Recreational Sports and Fitness. Several specialized styles are available, including one which incorporates Gua Sha and cupping and is recommended for chronic back issues as well as sprains and spasms. Hot stone massage, sometimes thought of as a spa modality, is on the menu here. It’s recommended for some common conditions: stress and muscular tension. Montana State University massage therapists also provide services for events.

Top Massage Therapy Schools in Billings

The Mossmain College of Massage offers a 750-hour program. The 200-hour applications class includes Eastern and Western modalities. Students can expect (among other things) Swedish massage, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, hot stone technique, and an introduction to Chakras and grounding and centering.

The Lima Hana Massage Education Center offers a 625-hour program. Continuing education is also available from Lima Hana. The organization offers an active isolated stretching course.

Billings Massage Studios, Clinics, and Spas

The following is a look at some of the popular massage practice in the Billings area:

The Massage Company offers multiple types of massage that are priced by session length, not modality. Clients are advised they don’t have to know in advance what type of therapeutic massage they need. Add-ons include specialty oils: a choice of wild rose, pomegranate, birch, or arnica. Special modalities include neurovascular integration, active isolated stretching, and cupping.

Mother Earth Massage specializes in pre- and postnatal massage, touting experience gleaned from two very specialized trainings. Clients can also get infant massage here or learn infant massage through a class. Several other massage styles are availablem including Lomi Lomi, a modality which has wandered a far ways from the Hawaiian Islands. Mother Earth was featured in a Billings Gazette article some years back.

The Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic, the organization featured in the 2018 article, is a naturopathic-led healthcare facility with massage therapists on-site. The website currently lists two LMTs. Pain relief is customized; therapeutic massage represents one potential avenue. A wide range of therapeutic massage styles are available, including structural injury treatment, neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, and myofascial release. Among the add-ons available here are a Botanical Peat Peloid Pack which may provide relief for pain associated with several conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Billings Chiropractic Injury Clinic exemplifies a common pairing: chiropractic and medical massage. This clinic specializes in treating people who have been injured in automobile accidents (and also in simplifying the reimbursement process). Massage, the clinic notes, can improve mobility as well as ease discomfort. The style of massage will depend on the type of pain. Accident-related massage can be reimbursed through insurance, and a Montana chiropractor may be the one to determine the therapeutic need. Medical massage is its own world; documentation is a big part of the job.

The Sanctuary Spa and Salon has a different style, one where relaxation and general wellness is paired with hair care and beauty – not such an uncommon pairing. The spa offers clients a choice of massage styles including a trademarked Chakra™ Reflexology Massage. The website in 2019 includes an invitation for spa professionals to join their team. One thing they have to offer their employees: a traditional sort of benefits package.

There is far more to see and experience here in the world of massage. Some of those highly rated practices surprise their web visitors by listing a single practitioner. Self-employed massage therapists can go a long way on talent and savvy.

The Billings Gazette has featured articles over the years about LMTs who turned entrepreneur. One featured the two massage therapists, also credentialed as yoga teachers, who started Perfect Balance, a combined massage therapy/ yoga studio ( It’s been a long time since that article hit the press, but the business is still in Billings – and it’s grown.

Massage Therapist Earnings

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median Billings massage therapist wage as $16.94 in 2017. Those at the 90th percentile made $29.43 while those at the 10th percentile made $13.01 (well above what their 10th percentile counterparts earned nationwide).

A Billings Massage Envy franchise was enticing applicants in 2019 with the revelation that they would start at $20 — plus tips.

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