Massage Therapy Schools in Casper, WY

You can now get a formal massage therapy education in Casper, and that’s a good thing. Massage is gaining respect around the nation as a healthcare discipline, as something that can reduce pain and improve both physical functioning and mental outlook. But massage is far more than just a good back rub, and this means it can get tricky in places where access is low and there aren’t formal standards in place. Wyoming may not license massage therapists, but it still has a need for professionals.

There are many different types of massage and bodywork, and the evidence is mounting for specific types having efficacy for specific conditions. Massage therapists know the indications for using particular techniques — and also the contraindications. They have a foundation in human sciences. They’ve hone their techniques – basic and advanced — under professional guidance. They also know about the professional side from establishing professional relationships to managing a business. A basic 500-hour program lays the foundation.

Wyoming, like other sparsely populated Western states, has a lower than average massage therapist job concentration. However, massage has a presence in Casper, even in major healthcare organizations. So, too, massage therapy is a career where people often create their jobs. A person can find quite a bit here already to inspire them, but there are niches left to develop.

Massage Therapy Schools in Casper

Mosaic Massage College offers a basic 500-hour program. Fully half the hours are in the foundational sciences: anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, and pathology. The curriculum includes 50 hours of student clinic. Program fees include MBLEx examination fees. The school boasts small class size. Prospective students can seek basic information about the business from the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce.

Massage Therapy Trainings and Certifications

There has been interest at the local level as well as the state level in implementing mandatory standards, but so far neither Wyoming nor Natrona County licenses or certifies massage therapists.

Nonetheless, massage therapists do have ways to demonstrate competency.

The MBLEx licensing examination is the typical route to licensure around the nation. Candidate must have massage education.

Many massage therapists use national board certification to demonstrate advanced qualifications. Some of the specials can facilitate the process to graduate from a school that has been assigned a code by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Many trainers award certifications for completing specialized trainings. These are not the same thing as Board certification but can be a career boost nonetheless. There are a number of certifications designed to help people with connective tissue issues. People can get certified for oncology massage and other special populations.

The founder of Casper’s new Mosaic Massage College is among those who have traveled for specialty coursework. In fact, she spent several months abroad learning Thai Yoga Massage — something most massage therapists only dream of. Many around the nation travel for the occasional workshop, even if it’s just a long weekend a long drive away.

The Wyoming Massage Therapy Association sponsors two continuing education events a year.

The following are among the trainings and certifications cited by Wyoming massage therapists: myofascial release, table Thai, and raindrop therapy.

Massage Therapy in Healthcare

Wyoming Medical Center in Casper offers massage and acupuncture through the NERD Health and Wellness Center. The acclaimed facility has two massage therapists on the team. One lists national board certification among his credentials.

The Rocky Mountain Oncology Center has massage therapy services available three days a week. The organization has provided a little background on oncology massage, noting it can help with body functions like lymphatic circulation and nutrient absorption as well as energy and mood. They advocate close communication between doctor and massage therapist. The organization states that insurance may cover treatment and that financial assistance is available to qualifying individuals.

Making Connections and Building a Career

Massage therapists benefit from many types of professional relationships – and from going out into the community. They may, for example, perform chair massage at businesses such as health stores. Alpenglow, a local apothecary, is a case in point.

Massage therapists may attend the Casper Holistic Expo has been giving people the opportunity to showcase their health-oriented wares and services for quite a few years now.

Some self-employed massage therapists become quite successful. Casper Massage Proactive Preventative Care lists a single certified massage therapist, one with a unique vision. She combines massage with sound modalities like use of Tibetan singing bowls. Like many massage professionals around the country, she has a degree that’s not directly related to massage therapy but adds value; in this instance, it’s an associate’s in sound recording. Her own health challenges were part of the pathway to a career in massage therapy. Again this is not uncommon.

Some massage therapists provide mobile services. Hands Down Massage is a small practice serving the Casper area.

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