Massage Therapy School in Cleveland, OH

Massage therapists can be found in many settings across the Cleveland metropolitan area, including healthcare offices, private studios, wellness centers, spas, franchises, and hospital-based clinic settings. Some massage therapists go onsite to provide corporate services. With a population of over two million, the greater Cleveland metropolitan area can provide massage therapists the opportunity to go deep with their niches as well as their massage techniques.

Cleveland’s massage therapists by and large meet high standards. Ohio sets its educational standard at 750 hours, which is above that of most other states, though not the highest in the nation. Education is ongoing.

Individual massage therapists can develop expertise in specialized areas like sports and rehabilitation or oncology massage. Those who work in clinical settings may pursue training in specialized modalities like Muscle Activation Technique; there are many to consider.

Top Massage Therapy Schools in Cleveland

Cuyahoga Community College offers both certificate and associate’s degree options. The school boasts a 100% pass rate on the licensing exam. The school also offers an advanced bodywork program for individuals who have completed one of the basic program options.

The Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage offers a 900-hour program. Students earn 39 credit hours. The Cleveland Institute holds accreditation through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

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Massage Therapy in Healthcare

Healthcare options are varied. Massage therapists often work with chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners. The following are among the offices where one will find massage therapists: All Health Chiropractic, Allied Health and Chiropractic, and Aligned Chiropractic & Physical Rehabilitation (Willoughby).

The Cleveland Clinic offers services through its Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine program. The website lists seven massage therapists. Among the specialized treatments is Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) which the Cleveland Clinic states may support a number of conditions including fibromyalgia and sinus infections. ( Edema, or swelling, is a condition for which it is very well known.)

Medina Hospital, which operates under the Cleveland Clinic banner, is expanding its integrative services. Key was a donation from a Medina man whose wife received services when she was battling cancer (

Massage therapists who are in business for themselves can also have a healthcare focus. It is common for massage therapists to target both athletes and people who have injuries and neuromuscular conditions that are not sports-related. MedMassage (Avon) characterizes its practice as “results oriented”. One MedMassage massage therapist has a couple of decades of experience working with athletes on major sports teams.

The Center for Integrated Therapies is a collective that currently has one LMT on its team; the team includes one acupuncturist and a number of psychotherapists, among others.

Massage for Special Populations

The following are examples of how massage is reaching people who need it:

Judson Park, a senior living community provides massage access at its wellness center. So does Jennings Center for Older Adults. The organization states that residents of Jennings Skilled Nursing have access to on-site medical and massage therapy services (

Lakewood Massotherapy, a private practice with multiple therapists and locations, includes geriatric massage and oncology massage on its menu. Individuals who are going through cancer treatment are offered half rate for up to three massages. They are asked to check with their doctor before scheduling.

Mobile Massage

There are multiple businesses in the Cleveland area that offer mobile/ onsite massage services. Cleveland-based Corporate Oasis has spread far beyond the Cleveland borders and received write-ups in more than one venue, including Massage Magazine ( Massage therapists here are independent contractors. They receive compensation for more than just the time they spend performing the actual massage. Therapeutic massage may be provided as a regularly scheduled event for corporate wellness programs or as part of a special event or trade show. It may be scheduled during periods of unusually high workload (which occurs seasonally at some businesses). Corporate Oasis lets potential clients know that regularly scheduled massage can be helpful for those with conditions like carpal tunnel, migraine, and hip pain as well as for stress.

Among the businesses advertising in Cleveland in 2019 was Soothe, a large and growing provider of on-demand massage services. They sought massage therapists who were competent with prenatal massage as well as Swedish, sports, and deep tissue modalities. They noted, among the things they could provide their therapists, location tracking and check-in systems to help them stay safe when performing services in the community.

Small businesses also offer on-site services. Green Massage Therapy is among them. It lists just two LMTs. A well-rated practice that’s been in operation since 2012, it offers on-site corporate massage as well as studio services.

The Spa Scene

The Cleveland area also has notable spas. Bodhi Tree Massage and Skincare, Sacred Hour Wellness Spa (Lakewood), and PJ’s Day Spa (Fairmont Park) are among the highly rated ones.

While spa massage is typically thought of as relaxation massage (or a luxury or treat), spas may also provide therapeutic services. Oaks Massotherapy & Botanical Spa differentiates between massage offerings and medical massage offerings. Massage includes a range of modalities including Swedish, Table Shiatsu, and sports massage. Manual scar tissue release and sinus therapy are among the therapies they can offer. The organization states that their LMTs are trained in techniques for conditions such as whiplash, TMJ, and post-surgical scar tissue.

Cleveland Massage Therapist Salary Data

Massage therapists in the Cleveland-Elyria metropolitan area earned an average hourly wage of $19.50 in 2018. The mid-range was from $13.13 to $26.94.