Massage Therapy School in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit massage therapists follow very varied career tracks. After all, there are many ways to improve people’s lives! In the Detroit area, it’s not just individual clients and massage therapists who have been talking up massage. It’s also healthcare leaders.

Healthcare leaders are looking to new models for managing difficult conditions, in part because they are dissatisfied with the so-called traditional ones. Addiction is one possible result of failure to manage pain. As an article in Crain’s Detroit Business points out, surgery comes with its own set of issues; back surgery is often ineffective ( Enter the multi-disciplinary approach! The American College of Physicians (ACP) lists massage among the conservative options that may be utilized for pain.

There are multiple types of massage, suited for different needs. Among those advertising for massage talent in the area in 2019, one finds spas, mobile massage services, chiropractic offices, physical rehabilitation specialists, and other healthcare organizations.

Popular Massage Therapy Schools in Detroit

Irene’s Myomassology Institute is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). The term ‘myomassology’, the school states, denotes therapeutic modalities beyond Swedish (or traditional relaxation massage). Students do get a foundation in Swedish massage. They also learn techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage. The American Massage Therapy Association lists Irene’s program hours as 700. 160 hours are elective; energy work and therapeutic bodywork are among the categories.

Schoolcraft College gives students the choice of a certificate or associate’s degree in massage. Students get two semesters of student clinic whichever option they select. They have three semesters each of body systems coursework, massage techniques, and business and professionalism. Students in the associate’s degree track also pursue more general coursework like technical writing and human relations.

The Dominican International Institute provides students with the opportunity to learn various specialized modalities, among them, Ayuverdic massage, geriatric massage, and Maya Abdominal Massage.

ITAT Massage School in Farmington Hills offers preparation for Swedish, Thai, and therapeutic modalities. ITAT Massage School also offers continuing education. Massage students who want an in-depth study of Thai massage can turn to this institution; the basic and advanced courses are each 40 hours.

Clinical and Traditional Tracks

Some Detroit area massage therapists specialize in working with individuals who suffer from injuries and/ or pain. Some have other clinical specialties. Heartland Hospice is among the organizations that incorporates massage into its plan for providing comfort at life’s end.

Beaumont Health Care distinguishes traditional massage from clinical massage in that the latter is designed to meet specific health goals. Clinical massage may be focused on just one part of the body. Oncology massage is a type of clinical massage. Beaumont notes that all their massage therapists are trained to perform this service. Beaumont sessions may incorporate scar therapy or cupping.

As The Detroit News “To Your Health” writer notes, massage may be used to bring down the lymphedema (swelling) that cancer survivors often experience (

Some people want their massage to serve multiple ends. They are looking to relax but also looking to feel better physically. Those who find massage soothing may not mind that their therapy isn’t complete in a set amount of time. Detroit massage studios and spas provide menus of services that cater to different needs. They offer little extras like hot stone treatment.

Mobile and In-Home Massage

Another promising practice: in-home massage. Services performed in the home can serve different purposes. This is exemplified by two companies that have a Michigan presence: one that is in many metropolitan areas around the nation, including Detroit, and another that grew up right here in Flint.

Zeel Mobile Massage has a nationwide presence. Although people can seek mobile massage for different reasons, it’s often about convenience. Clients may be people with very busy lives who don’t want minor pains and stressors to slow them down.

Functional Therapy Unlimited, on the other hand, specializes in services for people with orthopedic injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, and traumatic brain injury. LMTs provide massage and manual therapies like scar release and myofascial release and also help clients develop the skills needed for greater independence. Functional Therapy Unlimited was seeking new talent in the greater Detroit area in 2019. Selected candidates would work as independent contractors but at a high rate: beginning at $50.

Massage may be brought to other sites, including workplaces. Massage Magazine has explained why corporate entities may decide to incorporate wellness programs ( It can be very good for their bottom line. Businesses may use massage as a way to increase productivity. Of course, it’s also a perk for companies who are competing hard for employees. Google, not surprisingly, has got a massage room for their Detroit employees (

Elder massage can also serve multiple purposes.


Massage Magazine, reporting on the entrepreneurial trend of combining spa treatments with massage, shines a light on Detroit’s Roderick’s Therapeutic Massage Service ( Roderick’s provides on-site packages for various special occasions, including weddings.

LMTs may combine their passions in myriad ways, whether as sole proprietors or in partnership with others. Conscious Resonance, for example, represents the shared vision of a sound therapist and massage therapist.

Massage Therapy Earnings

The median hourly pay for a massage therapists in the Detroit-Warren-Dearborn area was $23.07 in 2019 with those at the 10th percentile making $10.69 and those at the 90th percentile earning $33.51. (1)

Pay runs a little higher in nearby Ann Arbor. Here, the median hourly pay is $24.38 with those at the 10th percentile at $12.31 and those at the 90th percentile at $46.95. (2)

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