Massage Therapy School in Eugene, OR

Eugene, Oregon is not your average college town. It is among the highest paying metropolitan areas for massage therapists. The job concentration is also well above the average. There are plenty of signs here that this is a place where people see massage as valuable. There are many well-rated massage studios and spas. Massage also has a firm foothold in the healthcare community. This is an area of the country where massage is sometimes covered by health insurance.

Massage therapy credentials can also provide practitioners with tremendous opportunity to carve out their own paths if they’re savvy!

Popular Massage Therapy Schools in Eugene and Nearby

The Lane Community College program affords students some flexibility. They typically complete the program over six terms (about a year and a half). The program includes a sequence of five massage courses; it also includes a course specifically devoted to acupressure. Under the six-tem plan, students take some coursework in body sciences each term. They take a couple electives toward the end of the program. At this point, they are also participating in student clinic!

The IBS School of Cosmetology and Massage program can be completed in as little as 32 weeks. The organization notes that some students like to study both massage therapy and esthetics so that they can cross-sell services and spend some time engaged in practices that are less demanding to their own bodies. The IBS School of Cosmetology and Massage is a school member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

The Oregon School of Massage-Salem boasts a 640-hour program that prepares students for licensure. The Oregon School of Massage has additional programs including a 335-hour massage certificate program for other healthcare professionals (for example, nurses, occupational therapists, and acupuncturists). Advanced certifications are also available in areas like maternity massage.

Eugene Massage Practices

Eugene’s massage therapy practices reflect innovation as well as technical expertise.

Free Motion Bodywork specializes in two less common bodywork modalities: 1) Aerial Ashi, a comfortable form of deep pressure massage where the practitioner primarily uses his or her feet and 2)Thai assisted yoga which incorporates acupressure and yoga as well as energetic sen lines. Clients can also opt for basic Swedish massage. Aroma therapy and Gua Sha are available as free add-ons.

Footloose specializes in foot massage. The Footloose website informs the public that there are 7,000 nerve endings in the feet (and hence a lot to be gained from this form of massage). The business also does chair massage. They invite the public to book group massage; their clientele can enjoy a companionable foot massage at bridal showers, family get-togethers, or other special occasions.

The Pearl Day Spa characterizes itself as a place of urban renewal. There are a range of spa services here including facials and body treatments. There’s even a bit of the salon thrown in: People can have their nails done! But there are also a wide variety of potentially soothing or healing bodywork styles, including pregnancy massage and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. Rehabilitative massage and manual therapy are sold in 15-minute units ($25 – $28 a unit). The Pearl Day Spa informs potential clients that some services may be billable to auto or health insurance; the website includes instructions. Massages that are not classified as manual therapy or therapeutic/ rehabilitative are generally sold in hour, hour-and-a-half, or two hour sessions.

Many of Eugene’s massage therapists have found their homes in chiropractic offices. Some offices have teams of massage therapists. A Healing Space has eight massage therapists and two chiropractors. One has also been trained as a personal trainer and has had advanced education in postural alignment and gait analysis; she works as a Postural Alignment Specialist. The team collectively has had a variety of special trainings including cranio-sacral therapy, medical massage, Lomi Lomi, and myofascial release. Team members received their initial massage therapy education in varied places (Oregon, New Mexico, California, Arizona).

With self-employment, too, success has taken many forms. Self-employment can mean true solo practice or partnering with others. Some LMTs own multi-therapist businesses.

Some have advanced competencies in specialty areas. The LMT behind Flourish Massage and Wellness completed a 1,000 hour-program in Asian bodywork and related modalities and studied Thai massage in Thailand. Her business is multi-faceted in its approach; even yoga is brought into the mix.

About Touch Massage Therapy and Acupuncture is also owned by a massage therapist. There are currently five other massage therapists onboard.

Massage Therapist Earnings

The average wage for a Eugene massage therapist was $35.12 in 2018; this was fifth highest of all metropolitan areas in the nation. Those at the low end of the scale had wages well above what their counterparts did nationwide. Those at the 10th percentile made a remarkable $25.95 while those at the 90th percentile made $47.59.

Actual earnings are variable. Many LMTs are self-employed, contending with the cost of studio space and a certain amount of risk — but commanding a high hourly rate.

Continuing Education

The Lane County Massage and Bodywork Association presents short continuing education workshops on a monthly basis.

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