Massage Therapy School in Fairbanks, AK

Massage is on the rise in Alaska as in the rest of the nation. There is growing recognition of its role in healthcare. Arctic Chiropractic in Fairbanks cites reduced swelling, increased range of motion, improved circulation, and relief from muscle spasms among the potential benefits. Medical professionals around the country are considering the potential for touch therapies to improve the mental and physical states of people with conditions as serious as cancer.

What’s more, people in Alaska are working to make massage accessible to people who live far from the big metropolitan area of Anchorage. Proposed regulations in Alaska in late 2019 would allow students to receive the bulk of the 625 hours online (though they would need in-person instruction to master the hands-on techniques.

It remains to be seen what programs will be developed to help individuals in Fairbanks and more remote communities earn their credentials.

Top Massage School in Fairbanks, AK

Kindred Spirits School of Massage currently lists only continuing education offerings. Offerings are diverse, including Zula cupping and Palo Masaj (the owner’s own tool-based form of neuromuscular massage).

The Emerging Role of Massage in Healthcare

Massage can have a role in preventing injury as well as alleviating symptoms. Evidence is mounting regarding the benefits of massage and bodywork and this translates into innovative opportunities. One company advertising in 2019 sought LMTs who could do prehabilitation of fighter air crew internship.

Some Licensed Massage Therapist services are covered by insurance.

Changes in Alaska Education/ Training Requirements

Regulations have become stricter regarding meeting licensing standards through apprenticeship. Apprenticeships must meet ELAP and COMTA standards.

Proposed regulations, though, redefine in-class supervised instruction, making it clear that most hours can be earned online ( Massage programs around the national include many hours of coursework besides practical technique; requirements for massage technique and clinical practice vary. Alaska has provided a breakdown of the curriculum, which is to comprise human sciences, massage theory and application, ethics and law, and clinical practice. Fully 162 of the required 650 hours are to be in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology. Clinical practice includes concepts such as universal precautions, draping, and record keeping.

Fairbanks Massage Practices

The following are among the many places in Fairbanks where one can find massage therapists:

The Alaska Center for Natural Medicine provides many integrative healthcare services including naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. Massage services include neuromuscular therapy and cupping as well as Swedish massage.

Woodland Wellness has a team of chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy professionals. The enterprise currently boasts four LMTs. Massage therapy services include craniosacral, deep tissue, pre- and post-partum massage, neuromuscular therapy, and Thai massage Different LMTs have different areas of expertise.

SpruceWind Healing Arts is a cooperative. People visit for grief support as well as massage and bodywork services. The organization notes that massage services prescribed by a doctor or chiropractor can be paid by insurance but directs enrollees to first compact their company to confirm. As of late 2019, one of their therapists is able to bill to insurance. The business has a lending library as well as a wellness-focused retail section.

A Caring Touch Massage Therapy and The Good Hurt Therapeutic Massage both have a sole practitioner. They are scarcely alone in this regard. One will find quite a few LMTs advertising services under their own names.

Chena Hot Springs Resort appeals to those who like hot springs, hot tubs, and hot stones. The resort offers soothing massage in a rustic cabin. Prenatal and hot stone are among the modalities offered.

Ridgeview Chiropractic utilizes the services of five massage therapists ( They note the two therapies go “hand and hand” – a sentiment shared by many practitioners around the nation. Ridgeview massage therapists help people with issues from injury recovery to management of prenatal discomfort.

At least one chiropractic office advertising in Fairbanks in late 2019 had the notation “urgently hiring”.

Advanced Massage Therapy Trainings and Certifications

Massage therapists in clinical settings may develop expertise with particular populations and health conditions. Alaska Family Health and Birth Center has an LMT on its team with particular expertise in pregnancy, post-partum, and infant massage. Summit Chiropractic and Massage has a massage therapist on its team who has advanced training in oncology massage. She also received training in temporomandibular joint disorder and intraoral treatment.

Among the other trainings and certifications referenced by Fairbanks massage therapists are Thai Yoga massage, kinesio taping, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic massage, and Shaolin Qigong. Some have specialized training to help them provide services for special populations, including the elderly, people with fibromyalgia, and even those who have PTSD.

Massage Therapist Salary in Fairbanks and Employment Considerations

The population here is low, the job concentration relatively high.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Fairbanks massage therapists earned an average $25.07 an hour in 2018. At the 25th percentile, wages were only $10.35; at the 75th,percentile, they rose to $34.78.

Self-employment earnings are not reflected in BLS data.

Professional memberships help people get their careers off to a good start even when they live in remote areas. Some Alaska massage therapy businesses are members of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. The organization provides tools for setting up a website (as well as many other career resources).

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