Massage Therapy School in Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo, North Dakota may not be the quintessential big city, but it’s metropolitan enough to launch massage therapy careers (even for those with no prior training). In the Fargo area, massage therapist job concentration is a little above the national average, even while the state as a whole is lower. There are a couple massage schools here as well as a population base that’s big enough to support a lot of LMTs. A rural North Dakotan can come here for massage school and then join a massage business in the city — or come just for the five to eight months it takes to complete a program, then take the skills back to a smaller community where they’re sorely needed. Massage therapy is on the rise in North Dakota, as it is throughout the nation.

Many massage therapists in this area are self-employed, though they aren’t necessarily going it alone. LMTs have a habit of joining up with other like-minded professionals. It is quite common to find bios of multiple practitioners on the website of a massage studio; clients may read about individual specialties or approaches and book with the LMTs of their choice.

Some LMTs travel to learn specialized modalities or develop expertise with special populations. This can have practical value as well. Some of the larger massage practices in the Fargo area are LMT-owned.

Popular Massage Schools in Fargo

The Salon Professional Academy boasts a 900-hour program that offers preparation for a range of in-demand modalities, including Swedish, prenatal, and sports massage.

Josef’s School of Hair Design offers a 750-hour/ 22-week program that includes 75 hours of clinical practice.

Massage Therapist Work Settings

Private massage studios are an option, as are franchises.

Elite Therapeutic Massage and Health Partners is among the larger local practices. There are a dozen LMTs onboard. Practitioners offer many massage services, including reflexology and medical massage. Medical massage services are provided as therapy for various conditions, including sciatic nerve pain, carpal tunnel, and migraine. A 30-minute basic massage is charged at $40.

There are also many small healthcare offices in the area and some fitness facilities that utilize LMTs. A number of LMTs provide services at chiropractic office like Core Health Massage or Freedom Chiropractic. Massage therapists may be stationed at physical therapist offices, too. Apex Physic Therapy has several LMTs on its team. Bodyworks Physical Therapy, meanwhile, is affiliated with Bliss Massage.

Some practices can be considered wellness centers. Elite Therapeutic Massage and Health Partners provides some on-site services besides massage. There is a yoga studio that places both yoga and personal training on the service list. Several other healthcare professionals provide services through Elite Therapeutic Massage and Health Partners.

LMTs are bringing their services to the community. Touchmark provides massage services at the Health & Fitness Club located within its Fargo senior living community. Even the YMCA offers massage.

Some businesses provide outcalls for a clientele that is primarily concerned with convenience. Elite Therapeutic Massage and Health Partners offers geriatric massage as an on-site service at elder care facilities like assisted living.

LMT-Owned Massage Practices

The Fargo area is home to a number of self-employed massage therapists who operate small studios but have a relatively high profile (and high client ratings). Among them are Loosen Up Therapeutic Massage Qi Shiatsu, and Simply Relax. Sole practitioners often tout credentials like National Board certification and specialized training.

Some massage therapists own larger practices. Tranquility Massage and Spa, for example, is owned by an LMT. Among the massages this spa is offering for the spring season: mother/ daughter. This is a variant on a couple’s massage. A woman can have a massage side by side with her mom or daughter; they can opt for a mother/ daughter package that also includes a chocolate facial (mother/ daughter with chocolate). Tranquility has a program to help one population that’s often stressed: teachers. They can enjoy their massages at a discounted rate. This local practice includes several massage therapists, a couple estheticians, and in 2019, a note inviting others to apply to join their team/ set up shop at their practice. LMTs who work under the Tranquility Massage and Spa banner (like those at a number of other practices) are not employees; they are described as independent.

LMT-owned businesses may include other wellness amenities; they may indeed be described as wellness centers. Inspire Health and Wellness in West Fargo boasts a flotation tank and salt cave. Yoga instruction is available in groups or one-on-one. The West Fargo Pioneer featured an article about Inspire Health & Wellness Spa in 2018 ( The proprietor had been in business as an LMT for six years before she took the big step, though the idea had been growing for much of that time. She felt like people needed more ways to relax!

Revive Professional Massage Therapy Clinic lists 20 massage therapists, including the owner. Yes, this, too is an LMT-owned practice! Revive charges a little over a dollar a minute for Swedish massage and some other basic massages (available in blocks of time from a half hour to two hours). There are some specialty massages like bamboo, raindrop therapy, and Shiatsu.

Massage in Healthcare

Massage has made its way into conventional healthcare. The VA Medical Center in Fargo is one of 13 around the country designed to provide holistic care. A note on the VA website in 2019 informs the public that massage therapy is coming soon to the Whole Health and Patient Centered Care (

Massage Therapist Wages

North Dakota massage therapists averaged an hourly wage of $21.32 in 2018. Those at the 10th percentile made $9.87 while those at the 90th percentile made $31.22.

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