Massage Therapy School in Fort Wayne

One will find professionals in the Fort Wayne area working to bring massage to more people who can benefit from it, from the elderly nursing home resident to the young adult living with pain to the tiny infant just beginning to develop sleep patterns and immunity. Many members of the general population, of course, also seek massage to relax and feel good!

Top Massage Therapy Schools in Fort Wayne

Ivy Tech Community College-Fort Wayne gives students the choice of a technical certificate or an associate of applied science. Students may complete 26-60 semester units of college credit depending on the option selected. The following are among the topics specifically related to the practice of massage: skeletal and muscular systems, Western massage techniques, movement and palpitation, and adapting sessions for special populations. The student will complete 100 hours of supervised practice.

The American College Massage School in Elkhart offers 600-hour and 1,000-hour courses with plenty of hands-on learning. Students attend class one to two days a week and put in a day’s time at the student clinic

The Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics in Alexandria is COMTA-accredited. Students can opt for a professional program in Swedish massage and an advanced program in deep muscle therapy. The comprehensive program brings in yet another element, and a less common one at that: massage of cats, dogs, and horses!

Successful Fort Wayne Massage Practices

The Fort Wayne area has multiple massage franchises. It also has spas with unique offerings and opportunities.

The Massage Therapy Clinic boasts cupping, reflexology, aromatherapy massage, and pre- and postnatal massage among its services. In early 2019, they’re inviting one or more LMTs to join their team – and indeed have an app people can use to attach their resumes.

Massage Works Therapy Center boasts eight massage therapists, one of whom is the owner. A few team members hold dual credentialing, for example, in esthetics. Massage Works Therapy Center was among the businesses seeking talent in early 2019. The organization stated a preference for massage therapists with five years of experience. They cited a sold hourly rate and a few little on-the-job perks. Like many massage practice, they touted flexible scheduling opportunities.

Vital Living WellSpa boasts a wide array of health-related specialties, more than even the norm. Among them are the following:

  • Medical massage for specific health conditions
  • Integrative deep tissue for pain
  • Pediatric sports massage to help with injuries and soft tissue tensions and develop “healthy habits” in youth
  • Post-op rehabilitation massage
  • Customized therapeutic massage
  • Oncology massage

Therapist bios denote special trainings and certifications as well as the practitioner’s individual approach to massage; clients can read them and schedule with the therapist of their choice. Some have links to reviews. One LMT has a degree in exercise physiology and psychology. One is an outreach coordinator for the elderly. She provides massage for nursing home and assisted living residents and hospice and homebound patients, among others. Some of these facilities coordinate massage for their residents while some services are by referral and some individuals and families self-select and self-pay.

Tranquil Touch Spa has nine massage therapists on board as of 2019: one of whom is denoted as owner, another who is denoted as “lead”. The team also includes professionals who provide esthetic services and other wellness practices, some of which have a spiritual focus (for example, Shamanic practitioner and Thai yoga therapist). There are a lot of massage modalities represented here, too, including Goddess Massage for women’s hormones and particular healthcare needs. The owner sees the practice as a fulfillment of girlhood dreams: the literal sleeping kind. A note on the Tranquil Touch website in early 2019 lets people know that they, too, are looking for therapists to join their team.

One will also find successful massage therapy studios with just one or two practitioners on board. An LMT can begin as a sole proprietor and, if the clientele grows sufficiently, make the decision later to take on other staff or associates.

Therapeutic Massage in Healthcare Settings

Healthcare professionals in Indiana are taking a good look at integrative therapies that have chronic pain treatment potential. An article in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette even describes a pharmacy where pain is treated without narcotics ( A neurosurgeon will be providing guidance. The owner expressed an interest in various holistic therapies which might be effective for particular individuals, among them, massage.

Massage therapy is gaining respect in the mainstream healthcare industry as an integrative treatment for many conditions. Parkview Whitley Hospital, for example, has a massage clinic. Clinic therapists are able to offer specialized massages for conditions such as migraines. Paraffin bath massage is touted as offering relief for arthritis. Because people can benefit from massage as early as infancy, parents can receive instruction in infant massage.

Massage Therapy Earnings

Massage therapy earnings in the Fort Wayne area vary a lot. The BLS has provided detailed information about hourly pay earned in 2017. Fort Wayne massage therapists who were at the 90th percentile made fully four times what those at the 10th percentile made. Wages were as follows:

  • 10th percentile: $11.60
  • 25th percentile: $13.57
  • 50th percentile: $16.43
  • 75th percentile: $23.40
  • 90th percentile: $47.05

Continuing Education

Massage therapists pursue continuing education in order to develop advanced skills. The AMTA-Indiana website lists a 2019 continuing education event in nearby Lafayette; included is a medical massage course to be taught over a three-day period. Massage therapists can enroll in courses through the American College Massage School to develop competencies such as advanced sports massage.

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