Massage Therapy School in Hagerstown, MD

Massage practitioners in the Hagerstown metropolitan area are an especially diverse group. In many places, there is an informal distinction between clinical and nonclinical massage or between massage services that are delivered at a spa and those that are delivered in a healthcare office. Maryland makes a formal distinction between types of massage practice; it requires a higher credential to work in a healthcare setting.

The Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) credential qualifies a person to work in a healthcare setting. It depends on not only completing an acceptable 600-hour massage program but also having the equivalent of about two years of college coursework. Individuals who have already completed a significant amount of college coursework in the healthcare arena have an advantage, though others can achieve the credential if they find the right program and put the time in.

Individuals without college education can enroll in 600-hour massage programs that meet Board requirements and achieve Registered Massage Practitioner (RMP) status. They will be eligible for employment in many massage settings. There are massage studios in the area that utilize both LMTs and RMPs.

The Hagerstown metropolitan area extends outside Maryland, so not everyone in the surrounding areas will be subject to the same requirements. There are a lot of massage therapy programs within commuting distance, but some of the closest fall on the other side of state lines. A potential massage practitioner in this area will want to give consideration to how his or her background and choice of schools affect career goals.

One thing is clear: There are people throughout the surrounding areas who can benefit from massage.

Massage Schools in Hagerstown and Vicinity

Central Maryland School of Massage (Frederick) has a long history of educating massage students.

James Rumsey Technical Institute (Martinsburg, West Virginia) offers a five-month program. The program is less expensive than some. There is a slight differential between students who are residents of West Virginia and those who are not. James Rumsey Technical Institute is a school member of the American Massage Therapy Association. AMTA has listed the program as 1,200 hours.

Allied Health Careers Institute (Leesburg, Virginia) offers a 750-hour program (as well as a 500-hour one). The 750-hour includes a clinical internship that the 500-hour program does not. It also includes modalities like trigger point and myofascial release. Allied Health Careers Institute offers blended learning.

Massage Schools in Virginia

Massage Schools in West Virginia

Integration of Massage into Healthcare

Massage therapy has some presence in healthcare settings. One can find it offered in chiropractic settings here, as in many places around the nation. Paci Chiropractic is a small healthcare office that includes massage therapy and chiropractic services. Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Massage Center of Hagerstown, also a small practice, puts three healthcare disciplines together. Some chiropractors that do not have massage services onsite make referrals. At least one Hagerstown practice notes referrals were often made to a particular therapist at Indigo Moon, Amber Sun.

There is a level of recognition from healthcare systems. Meritus Total Rehab states that their comprehensive rehabilitation services include massage therapy. The Wellness Center at Berkeley Medical Center in Martinsburg offers massage therapy.

Massage Practice in the Hagerstown Area

Bodyworks Massage Center and Gift & Wellness Shop is a popular practice. It has one location in Hagerstown with eight treatment rooms and more than a dozen massage professionals onboard, including both LMTs and RMPs. There are a lot of modalities practiced here, including lymphatic massage, couples massage, and Thai (table or mat). Clients can opt for customized massages that may include Swedish, deep tissue, and/ or myofascial techniques, plus (for an added fee) add-ons like aromatherapy, back mud wrap, or hot or cold stones. Bodyworks Massage Center was among those seeking new talent in late 2019, advertising 50% commission plus tips, as well as benefits like sick leave and safe leave. Like many massage practices, they noted flexible scheduling.

Structural Elements is a small franchise organization with several locations in this area, including Hagerstown, Frederick, and Leesburg, VA. This is a healthcare setting in which limited treatment can be performed by LMTs.

There is a Massage Envy in Hagerstown with a 4.5 Google rating.

Many massage therapists work as sole practitioners or have small businesses of their own. Five Senses Therapeutic Massage is among the popular small enterprises in the Hagerstown area.

The following are from the surrounding areas:

Touch of Grace Spa and Salt Cave, Synergy Massage Wellness, and Serenity Day Spa and Salon are among the popular practices in Martinsburg.

Om Chakra Holistic Healing and Wellness (Frederick) offers mobile services as well as studio services. Pre- and post-natal are among the massage styles.


The Maryland Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association is a professional resource. AMTA-Maryland may provide information about continuing education in the vicinity. Massage therapists sometimes choose to attend short intensives in specialized areas. Lymph Drainage Therapy training, for example, was made available in 2019 through the Chikley Institute.

Massage Therapy License Requirements in Maryland

Massage Schools in Maryland