Massage Therapy School in Kennewick, WA

You can find Kennewick on multiple lists of top cities for massage therapists. In one sense, this is not so surprising. Kennewick is in Washington State, and Washington is disproportionately represented on these lists. Economic factors play a big part in the state’s rankings. Job concentrations are high; average wages are high — so high that they still look good even when considered in light of cost of living. In another sense, Kennewick’s placement may be surprising. It may be the heart of Washington’s Tri-Cities, but isn’t among the better known metropoles.

So do you want to start your career here? It’s not for you if you want to be in the big city. And it’s not for you if you love the sea or the fog rolling off the coast or your idea of entertainment involves a trip to the big city by ferry. It may be where you want to start your career if you’re not big on precipitation and you want a mid-size city that really is a mid-size city and doesn’t have a big city peering over its shoulder.

Kennewick didn’t quite make it into the Bureau of Labor Statistics top 10 list salary-wise — though the $.02 an hour that separates it from #9 Bellingham, Washington probably won’t be the deciding factor in career decisions! The 10th percentile wage reported for Kennewick– sometimes thought of as the entry-level wage — is higher than that of any of the go-to Washington cities. The high entry-level salary helped place it at #5 on one list of top cities in the country for massage therapists.

Kennewick/ Richland schools are your closest option, too, if you live in the Walla Walla area. You can get your initial education in the Kennewick area and stay or go. Housing is relatively low by Washington standards. If you’re looking to buy a home, it’s above the national average. If you’re looking to rent, it’s below ( / washington / kennewick richland). Down the road, you can choose to go to the big city, or take your skills to a small community where they’re sorely needed.

Either way, your career experiences may be different than they would be in another part of the country. Washington State as a whole has massage-friendly insurance policies.

Massage Therapy Schools in Kennewick / Richland

The Ancient Arts Massage School and Clinic (Richland) has a 20-year history. The program is 750 hours. It includes 100 hours of business. The school notes that they teach massage therapists how to work effectively with insurance companies.

Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology (Kennewick) is NACCAS-accredited. Students may be eligible for financial aid. The program is 750 hours. It provides an introduction to many modalities as well as special populations like elders and hospice patients. Victoria’s Academy has a standalone animal massage program that can be pursued as continuing education.

The Tri-City School of Massage (Kennewick) offers a 572-hour program. It is a school member of the American Massage Therapy and encourages student membership. The school can admit just 18 students a year.

Kennewick-Richland Massage Practices

Massage is practiced in very different settings and may attract a very different clientele. Some people are looking for improvements in their pain level and functional abilities. They want a well-planned treatment regime that gets them on the path to recovery. These sessions are often covered by third party payers. One very common setting is the chiropractic office.

Kennewick Chiropractic Injury Clinic states that massage therapy is among the most effective treatments after a car accident. The practice has three LMTs on its team. They provide services to assist with multiple conditions, including whiplash, lower back pain, migraine, and pregnancy-related issues.

Elite Chiropractic and Massage has half a dozen LMTs massage on its team. Massage here is specifically designed to complement the patient’s chiropractic care. The practice notes multiple potential massage therapy benefits, including reduction of local swelling.

Back to Basics Chiropractic has three massage practitioners. One notes a personal connection in her bio: past support with her own injury-related pain. Like many in the massage industry, she wants to pass it on.

Oasis Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation has four locations with one in each of the Tri-Cities: Kennewick, Pasco, and Richmond. A note on the website in 2019 says that as they expand, they’re looking for physical therapy and massage therapy professionals to join their team.

Some clients want an experience in addition to physical or mental relaxation. The Tri-Cities area boasts multiple popular studios and day spas.

The Spa Travelers offers multiple styles, including myofascial release, medical massage, and deep tissue. One reminder this is a spa is the lavender. The Spa Travelers has a lavender hot stone massage which can be incorporated into massage/ wrap packages. Other spa treatments are available. The Spa Travelers does spa parties.

Float Euphoria combines professional massage with zero-gravity flotation, another potentially healing treatment.

There are franchises in the Tri-Cities area as well. Elements Massage in Richland, a therapy-oriented practice, has 181 Google ratings and a 4.7 average.

Many LMTs are in business for themselves. They may pursue any of multiple specialties. The LMT behind Earthly Therapeutic Massage, a mom to two small boys, provides pediatric massage as well as the standard adult fare.

Massage Therapist Salary in Kennewick / Richland Area

Massage therapists in the Kennewick-Richland metropolitan area averaged $31.23 an hour in 2018. Those at the 10th percentile made $19.60 while those at the 90th percentile made $39.50. The 10th percentile wage is particularly noteworthy when one considers this is not an area with a low job concentration. Location quotient is above average, so the 10th percentile wage suggests something more than just a paucity of low wage jobs.

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