Massage Therapy Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska may not be quite the quintessential ‘the big city’, and it may not be a part of the country known for massage, but this city is an inspiration to massage therapists!

This city has many highly rated spas and multi-therapist practices. Even the University of Nebraska offers massage therapy under the banner of the campus recreation center. “Relax. Refresh. Heal,” states the website. One will also find successful entrepreneurs and LMTs working alongside health professionals. A wide variety of modalities are practiced here including cupping (

LMTs who are educated in the state are well prepared for a career in any of many locales. Nebraska requires 1,000 hours of training. Local schools don’t just give more hours, though. They give opportunity and choice — and some of those choices put the LMT in a position of serving those who very much need it, like elders in long-term care.

Popular Massage Schools in Lincoln

The Myotherapy Institute is Lincoln’s own. The school offers a 12-month diploma program and an AAS program. The AAS degree includes some general education coursework. Students who want even more preparation can select from any of several majors or focus areas: long-term care, chiro-massage, facial massage, and animal massage. The long-term care major offers preparation to work with the elderly and with others who reside in extended care settings. The Myotherapy Institute states that the animal massage program has been written in preparation for a law that is not yet in place in Nebraska.

There are other quality massage schools in the Omaha area. The Universal College of Healing Arts gives students the opportunity to obtain specialized training in fields like oncology massage or structural integration. The Midwest School of Massage offers a nine-month diploma program; sports massage, prenatal massage, and reflexology are among the modalities taught. The Omaha School of Massage Therapy represents an additional option. Like the Midwest School of Massage, it is a school member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Profile of a Lincoln Massage Therapist

The Daily Nebraskan profiled a local Lincoln massage therapist several years back. The LMT had multiple professional affiliations, something that’s not uncommon on the world of therapeutic massage. She provided services through a chiropractic office and also performed reflexology part-time at the campus rec center of a local school (

This particular massage therapist had originally envisioned a career in sports medicine, but was thwarted when her intended school canceled their program. She was first attracted to massage when she learned that it had become a common therapy in the sports world. Ultimately, therapeutic massage proved very rewarding; she cited research about how even a short massage could help college students do better on their tests.

Massage Therapy within the Healthcare System

In Nebraska, as in many states, traditional health systems are coming to value wellness services; they may also offer integrative services to those battling serious illness. Bryan Lifepointe operates in Lincoln under the banner of Bryan Health. The Bryan LifePointe Spa is open to the general public. Massage and reflexology are also among the cancer support services offered through Bryan Health ( Individuals with migraines and tension headaches, meanwhile, may receive MYK therapy, a form of massage that targets muscles along the nerve pathway.

Lincoln Massage Studios and Spas

The following are just a few of Lincoln’s popular massage studios and spas:

Revitalize Massage and Spa has a dozen LMTs on its “staff family”. They provide customized therapeutic massages that may blend styles. Among the other options is Ortho Bionomy Massage, a less common bodywork modality. Massage can be combined with other skin/ body treatments. They do scent here: chocolate mint, citrus spice, even mocha. Chair massage extends their services to the world beyond the spa.

Simple Wellness Massage has four LMTs on its team, each of whom is listed as having a different broad specialty (e.g, relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, deep tissue, custom massage). The deep tissue specialist focuses on helping clients find relief from pain, both chronic and injury-related.

Empowered Healing Massage and Bodywork has some less common offerings on the menu, including Gua Sha, sound therapy, and a therapeutic massage designed specifically for Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. This is a small practice but one that notes they accept resumes on a continual basis.

The Daily Nebraskan has reported on other popular Lincoln massage practices (

Self-Employed Massage Therapists

The Lincoln massage therapy scene has its share of entrepreneurs manifesting their dreams.

The Body Shoppe has three LMTs on its team, one of whom is also an esthetician – and one of whom is the owner. The owner notes that his continuing education has been focused on particular techniques (myofascial, neuromuscular) that put him in a better position to help people with conditions like fibromyalgia and migraines. This particular business predated him — he bought it. He was interviewed by Strictly Business several years back ( At that time, buying The Body Shoppe was indeed his biggest accomplishment as a professional. Moving to Lincoln had been a turning point.

A Healthy Choice Massage and Day Spa has an owner who is a very experienced LMT (indeed, one who has been in the business more than 30 years). In early 2019, the organization has one additional massage therapist — and an invitation posted on the website to join their team. A Healthy Choice Massage and Day Spa has an array of massage services; they invite people to enjoy spa services in pairs and parties. They also do chair massage, touting it as a workplace service as well as a highlight for wellness fairs or holiday parties.

Revitalize Massage and Spa, too, is LMT-owned.

Career Outlook

Nebraska massage therapy has been projected to see 23.7% occupational growth across the 2016-2026 decade.

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