Massage Therapy School in Missoula, MT

In Missoula, Montana, massage therapy is healthcare. One will find massage therapists working in offices with healthcare professionals. There is respect here on a systemic level. Therapeutic massage is sometimes covered by insurance. Injury-related services may be billed to auto insurance or worker’s compensation. Health insurance may also provide massage benefits.

Massage Therapy School in Missoula and Nearby

Sacred Roots Massage School of Montana has campuses in Missoula and Bozeman. The school provides a 750-hour curriculum. The school has been assigned a testing code by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. The curriculum includes Eastern approaches, assessment treatment planning and documentation.

Additional Learning Opportunities: Massage Therapy Schools in Montana

Missoula Massage Therapist Work Settings

Where does one find work as a massage therapist in Missoula? There’s a Massage Envy on Higgins, but one won’t find a lot of franchises here. One does get the sense, though, that there are a lot of massage therapists making connections. That’s good news, because there’s a lot to like in the area. Missoula is regarded as having a high quality of life particularly appeal to those who like who like outdoor spaces.

Many work arrangements are possible: traditional employment, contract work, renting a workplace solo or with a group.

One finds small groups of massage therapists and other holistic providers sharing a studio, a website, and a brand. They may have specialties that complement each other but share an overall vision. Case in point: Deep Tissue Massage Group is LMT-owned. Team members share a commitment to pain management. They attend regular in-house seminars. Their bios reveal different areas of specialization. One is a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist.

Chiropractic offices are a common work setting. W Chiropractic and Krieg Chiropractic Center are among the practices where one will find in-house chiropractic services. Massage is also fitness, and one will find it at fitness facilities. Health Habits Fitness and Massage combines massage with other services like personal training. The Women’s Club Health and Fitness has a spa with massage services.

Educational Opportunities in Missoula

A massage therapist can get a strong educational foundation in the Missoula area. In fact, this is a place some may want to come specifically for school. Montana requires massage therapists to complete programs of at least 500 hours. Missoula students have the opportunity to go well beyond this minimum. The education can put one on the path not only to state licensure but to National Board certification. There are places in the country where you have to search far to find a therapist certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Not so Missoula. Certification is based on accruing 750 hours of qualifying education, passing an examination and accruing the requisite experience (Individuals who don’t graduate from assigned schools may eventually achieve certification eligibility through portfolio.)

There many advanced and specialized trainings in the world of massage, and some trainers do award their own certifications. Multiple certifications are available in neuromuscular techniques. Certification is also available for special populations for example, oncology patients. Certifications often reflect what’s available locally; they’re more common if they’re available through local massage schools or continuing education providers. Some, though, go further to get a particular training. Big name trainers often host workshops in many cities on a rotating basis, so it pays to watch the calendar.

The following are among the trainings and certifications referenced by massage therapists in the Missoula area: Spontaneous Myofascial Release, Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique, Strain Counterstrain, Trigger Point Therapy, Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, and Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy. Some are more common than others.

Self-Employed Massage Therapists Around Missoula

Among the practices that lists a single proprietor, one finds Healthy Self, Zen Den, Missoula Massage and Body Care Clinic, and Muscle Memory massage. There are many others; some LMTs work under their own names.

Muscle Memory Massage has expanded to offer prenatal yoga and mindfulness. Prenatal massage has become very common around the United States. This combination of services is not so common. What is common, though: LMTs bringing other skills, interests and credentials to the (massage) table.

Some massage therapists are dually credentialed. Missoula Meridian is operated by two massage therapists who are also acupuncturists. Many massage therapists are willing to do mobile massage at businesses. These two have added mobile acupuncture. Not all dual credentials take as much education. Yoga is a popular credential in many parts of the country.

Some massage therapists bring in other professionals to complement their services. Good Medicine Acupuncture and Massage is owned by an LMT. The website lists four additional LMTs – and multiple acupuncturists as well.

Missoula Massage Therapist Wages

Montana massage therapists earned a mean wage of $22.36 an hour in 2019*. There was a wide range of reported wages, with those at the 90th percentile commanding about 2 ½ times what those at the 10th percentile did. The figures don’t reflect self-employment profits.

*BLS data. Your wage may vary depending on varying factors.

Student and Professional Resources

The Montana Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association is a professional resource ( LMTs who attend the state conference have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits. The 2019 conference included coursework in orthopedic massage for shoulder injuries as well as coursework in ethics.