Massage Therapy Schools in New Haven, CT

Massage has the respect of many people in the New Haven, Connecticut area. One even catches a glimpse of it in local news stories and business profiles. There are new facilities. There’s expansion. Massage is practiced in many settings, including some public ones. The populations served are varied: athletes, expectant mothers, people with chronic pain and other serious healthcare challenges.

Just as there are different purposes, there are very different styles. Today’s students get a relatively comprehensive education.

Massage Therapy Schools Near New Haven, CT

The American Institute-West Hartford program is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). The curriculum includes Shiatsu as well as common Western styles.

The Tunxis Community College (Farmington) program is 754 hours and can be completed in 13 months.

The Cortiva Institute (Cromwell, Connecticut) is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). The program is 900 clock hours and can be completed in 10-15 months, depending on the scheduling option the student selects. Students earn 45.5 quarter credits.

The New York College of Health Professions program is designed to meet New York’s 1,000 hour requirement. Students earn 72 hours of college credit. Students will need to take T’ai Chi Chuan , Qi Gong or Yoga; these are disciplines which the school states not only help them understand their own body’s functioning but make them more adept at assessing others.

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Educational Foundations

Connecticut sets massage therapy program requirements high: 750 hours.

Students in the greater New Haven area may want to be aware of requirements in nearby states — including New York’s very high ones.

The following are among the popular massage practices in the area:

  • Inner Essence Spa (West Haven)
  • Elm City Wellness
  • Viso Bello Day Spa

One will find some massage franchises in the area like Massage Green Spa and Elements. Massage Green Spa offers pain management and functional mobility massage styles, among others. Elements is an LMT-founded therapeutic practice. Elements Massage Branford has a 4.9 average on Google, based on 75 ratings.

Some massage services provide mobile massage. The national organizations Zeel and Soothe both have a presence in the New Haven area. Soothe was advertising in the region recently; massage therapist safety was among the areas addressed. There are also locally owned businesses in the area that travel to clients to provide services.

LMT-Owned Practices

There are many small businesses in the area that are LMT-owned. Massage therapists may work on their own or bring others onboard. Among the popular small practices are Western and Eastern Massage Therapy in New Haven and Much Kneaded Wellness and The Blue Buddha, both located in Woodbridge.

The Serene Spot is also LMT-owned. The proprietor completed her externship at a cancer hospital. Serene Spot is a relatively small practice but has three treatment rooms.

Some LMT-owned businesses include other services that complement massage. Milford Body Therapy, headed by a professional with multiple credentials, incorporates personal training and massage.

The New Haven Independent recently profiled a massage therapist who was opening her second business in the area ( new building would be big enough for 10 employees. Massage services would be expanded, and the business would incorporate complementary services like movement modalities. Like many massage therapists, the proprietor has an area of specialization. Hers is moms-to-be. Part of what prompted her to expand: She couldn’t keep up with demand for her services! A check-in with the new Well for Women in late 2019 finds a team with diverse credentials, including an RN who acted as lactation consultant.

Massage Therapy in Healthcare and Fitness

Massage services are offered through some healthcare offices. Fitness centers, too, may include massage. BPT Fitness is among them. Some businesses are an amalgam. Performance Physical Therapy and Wellness includes far more than just physical therapy; there is athletic training, personal training, Pilates, and massage.

The University of New Haven even offers massage therapy through its recreation department. The stated goal here is stress reduction.

For athletes, massage is a part of staying in condition. The new Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale has many amenities, a massage area among them ( The facility will be utilized during the Connecticut Tennis Open as well as other events. Massage, though, has a role in sporting events at virtually all level, and “weekend warriors” are among the clientele at massage practices.

One will find health systems beginning to include massage.

Hartford HealthCare recently opened a new multi-specialty facility in Cheshire. My Record Journal reports that it is to include massage therapy as part of its rehabilitation services (

The New Haven Independent reported on a new inpatient treatment center for adult substance patients, with a focus on treating “the whole person” and a renovated campus; it included space for multiple integrative therapies, including massage.

New Haven Massage Therapist Salary Data

The mean wage for massage therapists in the New Haven, Connecticut area was $18.49 in 2018. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates a more narrow range of common salaries than in many places. The 10th percentile wage was $15.30, suggesting a lower percentage of low wage jobs. The 90th percentile wage was $23.21.