Massage Therapy School in Owensboro, KY

Massage therapists have a lot to offer people, whatever their geography. Kentucky may not have a lot of massage schools that are located outside the Lexington and Louisville metro areas. Still, residents of Owensboro and other Western Kentucky communities may have more options than they realize. One of the best kept secrets: Indiana. We all know it’s there, but we may not know all it has to offer. Indiana recently upped its educational requirement from 500 hours to 625, more than the 600 hours Kentucky requires. One will find schools in both states going beyond their state minimum.

That’s good news for would-be Kentucky massage therapists and good news for Kentucky residents, particularly those who are challenged by health care conditions like chronic pain. With regard to access, Owensboro is among the better cities in this part of the state, moreso than Bowling Green.

Massage therapists who are considering attending school on the other side of the state border will want to do some research before applying. Kentucky licenses massage therapists by reciprocity if they are 1) licensed in other states that have standards at least as high as Kentucky’s or 2) are licensed in states with lower standards but are judged to have a combination of education (initial and continuing)and experience that meets Kentucky’s licensing standards.

Massage Therapy Schools in Owensboro and Nearby

Bodyworks (Evansville, Indiana) has a 700-hour diploma program that includes more than 100 hours of student clinic.

Ivy Tech Community College is another that meets Indiana’s 625 hour option. There is an associate degree option. Tuition rates here are more expensive for out-of-state students.

The LMT-owned Aah Spa recently entered the massage therapy education business with the Aah Spa Academy. The program is 700 hours. Students who opt for the day schedule attend classes just two days a week most weeks; there are some clinic experiences that will require an additional day.

Palpation Prep School of Massage (Benton, KY) is an in-state option. It offers a 650-hour curriculum. Palpation Prep School is located about 90 miles from Owensboro. It’s relatively close to Paducah.

Massage in Healthcare and Fitness

There are some signs that massage is entering mainstream healthcare. Owensboro Health offers massage services at its fitness facility, Healthpark. Massage services are available without a membership. The organization includes a notation about massage therapy and yoga on its resource page for oncology patients. The Healthpark website lists two LMTs who provide services. Owensboro Health notes a number of potential benefits from, clearing the mind and preventing stress to stretching the muscles and promoting lymph and blood circulation. The organization also notes that it can support physical therapy and chiropractic care.

Owensboro Chiropractic Centers clearly concurs. The business states that there is a growing body of evidence for its efficacy. It has information about how massage can be beneficial for people with a variety of conditions, including fibromyalgia, sciatic pain, TMJ, tension headache, cancer-related stress — even infants who were born prematurely. Owensboro Chiropractic Center not surprisingly, has Licensed Massage Therapists on its team.

Trek over to Bowling Green and you can find massage in the hospital health center where it’s offered as an integrative therapy – and also the state university.

Self-Employment Options

Self-employment is popular – a part of what draws people – and it’s sometimes the most viable option. There are quite a few small practices here and quite a few practitioners going solo. Dragon Massage Therapy and KVR Massage Therapy are among the well-rated small enterprises. They’re both accumulating five-star Google ratings. Each brings something unique to the table.

Massage Therapy in Surrounding Communities

You’ll find even more massage if you go as far as Evansville. Among the businesses you’ll find there are Evansville Massage Specialists, Bodyworks, Move Better Orthopedic Massage, and Fusion Spa & Boutique. There’s also Bella Terra Organic Spa and Shoppe, owned by a dually credentialed massage therapist and nurse, and the award-winning LMT-owned AAh Spa. Massage Envy has also found its way to Evansville.

There are also small practices dotting the landscape in small communities in between. There is room yet in this part of the country to develop niches, though – and a lot to explore.

Student and Professional Resources

The Kentucky Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association is a resource for students and professionals. Membership at the national level can be beneficial.

Massage Schools in Indiana

Massage Schools in Kentucky

Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals can also provide lots of resources for getting one’s career going – including getting up a website.

It’s a fairly long trip to Louisville or Lexington – not something a person wants to do every day –but a massage therapist might want to head that way for an occasional continuing education event. On the table at Lexington Healing Arts Academy, one may find offerings like Vedic Table Thai, Reiki, and hot stone massage.

Kentucky massage therapists are licensed by the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapists. Indiana massage therapists are licensed by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.

Massage Therapy License Requirements in Kentucky

Massage Therapy License Requirements in Indiana