Massage Therapy School in Provo, Utah

Provo is a rapidly growing city. There are tech jobs here — but that’s not all! The massage therapy occupation is growing statewide at a rate that far equals even the national rate. More than 42% growth has been projected for the decade between 2016 and 2026.

Licensed Massage Therapists in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area are helping people be healthier and more productive in the prime of life. This includes easing the wear on the body that comes from working a sit down job – and the mental exhaustion that causes people to crave the occasional stay-cation.

Massage therapists are also helping people recover from accident and illness. Here accident-related medical massage therapy is covered by auto insurance. LMTs often team with other professionals at rehabilitation-focused medical offices. It is common for the same practice to provide both pain-related and sports related services. Common to both is the focus on assessment and on tailoring massage to specific issues. One of the area’s large chiropractic offices, Axcess Accident Center Baker (formerly Chiropractic and Accident Rehabilitation), lists conditions massage may be beneficial for, among them, fibromyalgia, gout, migraines, and muscle spasms.

Top Massage Schools in Provo

The Aveda Institute-Provo now has a massage therapy program to complement its long-standing programs in areas such as esthiology and cosmetology. For many, it will be the closest school. The program includes Swedish, deep tissue, and prenatal massage as well as supportive modalities.

The Myotherapy College of Utah in Salt Lake City provides a comprehensive program that includes some electives.

At Healing Mountain School of Massage in Salt Lake City, one can get a massage therapy diploma or go more in-depth with holistic healing. Both options far exceed Utah’s license requirements with regard to hours. The massage therapy program includes an introduction to a wide variety of modalities including lymph drainage and Thai Yoga massage. The holistic health program includes additional advanced modalities like Lomi Lomi and myofascial release. It also includes other health-related coursework.

Provo and Orem Day Spas and Resorts to Consider for Employment

This is an area where one finds both day spas and resort/ hotel spas. They tend to have their own styles.

The Spa at Sundance got a mention in ( It’s one of a select group of high-end spas that people can turn to for skiing-induced soreness. The Spa at Sundance appeals to multiple goals: wellness, luxury, and spirituality. Among the offerings is Gemstone Aromatherapy Energy-Balancing Massage. Guests can opt for in-room massage. Not surprisingly, it’s a little pricier.

Seven Serenity Tea Cafe and Day Spa in Orem is about belief in more than one sense of the word. They’ve got massage and yoga here. There’s also the tea room where products are ethically sourced. Seven Serenity Tea Café and Day Spa was among those looking for an LMT to join their team in 2019.

Canyon Gate Massage boasts professionals with less common trainings and certifications, including Ashiatsu and foot zone. The Daily Herald carried an article about Ashiatu at Canyon Gate ( The writer noted there were very few places in the region where one can get Ashiatsu, a form of deep tissue massage that many people find more comfortable because of the way it’s performed. Supported by bars, Ashiatsu massage therapists utilize their feet to providing gliding strokes that are different than those of their hands.

The Berkana Bodyworks massage menu includes innovative offerings such as Japanese hot stone massage, aroma rain massage, and ‘Chakra Aromatic Touch’.

LMT-Owned Massage Practices in Provo and Surrounding Areas

LMTs are often in business for themselves. Self-employment can mean different things, including working under contractor status. Some massage therapists, though, have their own studios and indeed their own teams of bodywork professionals. New Age Wellness Center is owned by an LMT with more than 20 years of experience. LMT-owned Wasatch Therapeutic Massage has four additional massage therapists. Provo Medical Massage is another LMT-owned studio; it includes two additional LMTs on its team. Canyon Gate is yet another, boasting three additional bodywork professionals (two listed as LMTs, one as certified foot zone practitioner).

Massage practices reflect unique visions. LMT-owned Provo Health was reborn with a new vision after one member of the partnership was diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Career Outlook and Massage Therapist Wages in Provo

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that massage therapists in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area averaged $19.73 in 2018. The median wage was $17.88 with most receiving between $8.72 and $33.47.

Nothing quite beats Utah’s Wasatch Back nonmetropolitan for job concentration — the BLS places it #1 out of all nonmetropolitan areas in the nation — but for numbers, the more populous Wasatch Front has it beat.

Chances are there will be growth in the Provo-Orem massage therapy market even beyond the current projections. It will take decades but Utah County is expected to top Salt Lake City, population-wise (

Opportunities for Boosting Earnings

Massage therapists are not always paid a straight rate. Mountain Resort, for example, recently advertised a position based on commission and gratuities with the percentage of commission increasing after one’s been on the job a while.

Strong performance can mean small bonuses. New Age Wellness notes that massage therapists are eligible for a $1 raise at the six-month and one-year marks – and a small bonus for reviews that mention them by name.

Additional Resources

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Massage Schools in Utah

Massage therapists often develop their advanced competencies through continuing education. Big city status is still in the future. Those who complete massage school in Utah County may want to travel to the big city for the occasional weekend – whether in Salt Lake City or around the country. Salt Lake City massage schools are a rich source of continuing education.

The Utah Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association is a professional resource.