Massage Therapy School in Reno, Nevada

The Nevada Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association played a key role in having October 22 – 28, 2018 declared Massage Therapy Week. The goal was to raise awareness of the therapeutic potential of massage. It was a move that was potentially good for the people of Nevada, and also good for the state’s massage therapists.

Massage therapy in Reno is many things: It’s the travel-weary vacationer who wants to enjoy the nightlife pain-free, the exhausted professional who’s recharging at a spa day, the person who is working to meet a fitness goal, the one whose body is adjusting to pregnancy or, worse, to chemotherapy.

From the standpoint of the practitioner, too, the career is multi-faceted, and not just because of differing client needs. There are businesses that are charging high rates for their services and massage therapists who are reaping the benefits. But data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests this metropolitan area has more than its share of low wage massage jobs. Of course wage data is just a part of the picture. Many in the industry are self-employed.

Training enhances options. It doesn’t take a lot of training to perform a serviceable Swedish or deep tissue massage. But this is only a small part of the world of massage. Some LMTs pursue special trainings to help them carry out specialized massage styles used for sports injury rehabilitation or pain management or that help them meet the special needs of cancer patients. Some seek out additional coursework in practice building. Mentorship is available through professional association membership.

Reno massage settings are varied: chiropractic offices, day spas, resorts and casinos. Sometimes the setting is the client’s own home or workplace. The area boasts a number of businesses that provide onsite massage. The list includes giants like Soothe and also a number of local practitioners.

Top Massage Schools in Reno, Nevada

The Bodhi Tree Center boasts a 650-hour program that includes a lot of electives. There are plenty of choices here, including floor Shiatsu, prenatal and infant massage, oncology massage, and Reiki classes that go on up through the master’s level. Unique Bodhi offerings include Shamani massage and a particular style of cupping that they call Fascial Freedom Therapy. The Bodhi Tree Center touts its high MBLEx examination pass rate.

The Milan Institute in Reno is nationally accredited. Students can practice different massage styles at the popular student massage clinic.

Reno Massage Studios and Spas

The Dolce Vita Wellness Spa is a very popular massage studio from a client standpoint; the website proclaims that they have been voted the city’s best local spa five times ( In early 2019, the website provides massage therapists with some positive news: They’re adding to their team. Dolce Vita offers its massage therapists traditional benefits like health insurance as well as the flexible scheduling so often touted. Like businesses in other fields, massage practices often proclaim that they are the best and are looking for the best candidates to add to their teams.

Spavia, meanwhile, is touting their family atmosphere as well as a benefits package that includes paid vacation. The spa is so popular, they note, that gratuities will reflect it!

There are a number of other popular and well-rated spas in the area. Healing One has a 5.0 Google rating (as of 2019). The practice has six massage therapists onboard, the majority of whom are also energy healers. There are other services here, including a float tank and infrared sauna. Steamboat Hot Springs Wellness Center and Spa, meanwhile, offers a signature massage that includes hot towels and their own special aromatherapy blend.

Massage therapists frequently work onsite with chiropractors. According to Quigley Chiropractic, massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment are similar in some ways and also complementary; massage may prolong the positive benefits of chiropractic adjustment.

Massage therapists may also work alongside rehabilitation or fitness professionals. Well Being Massage Therapy and Physical Fitness in Carson City, for example, combines massage therapy with personal training and physical fitness.

Massage compensation is a complicated thing. One local Sparks massage therapy studio recently listed compensation as $15.73 to $42.00 per hour. A key word in explaining this wide range is commission. Massage therapists are paid in different ways.

Self-Employment Options

Self-employment takes many forms. Sometimes a massage therapist joins an established team as an independent contractor. Sometimes he or she rents office space at an established practice (for example, a chiropractic office).

Some massage therapists are truly on their own. A massage therapist may name a practice to reflect his or her own philosophy. It is not uncommon to have a massage business in one’s own name.

Successful massage therapists may not only strike out on their own but bring other talent therapists on board, whether in an employment or self-employment capacity. The Ralston Massage Center is owned by a husband and wife team, each of whom has many years of experience. The website lists ten other massage therapists.

Some LMTs head businesses that include not only massage therapists but professionals from other disciplines. The owner of Healing Wizdom is a massage therapist. The Healing Wizdom team includes four other massage therapists; it also includes aestheticians, cosmetologists, a nail technician, and a stylist.

Massage studios and spas may have their own style or vibe which extends beyond the massage itself At Pathwys to Serenity, clients are greeted with a cup of tea.

Pathways to Serenity has a team of two, both listed as co-owners. Between the two of them, they can cover quite a bit of territory. One describes her specialties as prenatal and hot stone; one characterizes herself as a sports massage therapist. They practice other styles, including an aromatherapy massage.

Massage Therapist Wages

Reno massage therapists earned a median wage of $9.36 in 2017, with most making between $7.98 and $18.30.

The Current Market

Spring 2019 finds resorts and casinos as well as big name massage companies seeking employees or associates in the Reno area. Among those with a national presence is Zeel, known for providing massage on demand.

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