Massage Therapy School in Savannah, GA

Georgia’s oldest city is embracing new visions of healthcare. Massage is finding its way into therapy. Major health systems are finding a place for it, and even policymakers are discussing its role in pain management. Massage is serious business – at least some of the time. There is of course another side to Savannah –a relaxed vibe, a focus on the senses, an appreciation of comfort — and massage has a role here, too.

There is some interplay between the Savannah tourism industry and the massage industry. This is a beautiful old city with beaches not far away. Tybee Island is quite close, offering both oceanside and riverside beach. Hilton Head, South Carolina is not so far down the road — offering an LMT a long commute or an occasional day out in the waves.

Top Massage Therapy School in Savannah

The Technical College of the Lowcountry program is fully accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). It’s the only massage therapy program in the state to hold this program-level accreditation. The school also holds institutional accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The 750-hour program is credit-bearing.

Massage in Healthcare

Massage is found in many types of healthcare facility, from small office settings to hospitals.

Chiropractors and massage therapists have a longstanding symbiotic relationship. Massage services may be provided onsite or by referral. Titus Sports Chiropractic is among the practices that offers massage therapy; their massage therapist has medical massage certification and special training in Active Release Technique. Dynamic Spine & Rehab in Pooler notes that while they don’t have an LMT onsite, they make massage therapist recommendations based on patient needs.

Memorial Health University Medical Center’s FitnessOne offers massage inside and outside the facility, with inpatient massage available at the approval of the patient’s health team. FitnessOne massage menu offerings may be reminiscent of the spa, but the website notes specific therapeutic benefits for most. Heated bamboo massage, for example, may soothe aches and pains.

St. Joseph’s/Candler offers massage through its Wellness Center, citing improved range of motion, decreased post-operative swelling, reduced cramping, shortened labor, eased migraine and even improved circulation among the potential benefits ( St. Joseph/ Candler massage can be brought many places: corporate settings and (at physician’s order) bedside at the hospital.

St. Joseph’s/Candler also notes among the potential benefits of massage easing of medication dependency. Georgia lawmakers are considering massage among the many treatments that can aid pain — and that can provide treatment options other than addictive medications (

There are many types of massage, and different techniques are indicated for different conditions and presenting symptoms. Modalities go far beyond Swedish ‘relaxation’ massage and education goes far beyond technique.

Fortunately one can get a very good start not far from Savannah’s border.

Massage Across the Lifespan

Massage services are customized for people at different stages of life. Massage has long had a role in prenatal care. Many expectant mothers recognize the value, and when they have the opportunity, they go out and seek it. Prenatal massage is a common spa offering. Parents can learn infant massage.

One is beginning to see massage in facilities that provide care for the elderly and physically fragile. Habersham House offers elders the opportunity for onsite massage ( Hospice Savannah utilizes the services of an LMT to bring comfort to people at life’s end.

Savannah Area Massage Studios and Spas

Spa Bleu has been voted Savannah’s best day spa for quite a few years now. Its offerings demonstrate that spas aren’t just about relaxation and pampering. Spa Bleu offers a pain relief massage which begins with a comprehensive evaluation; this type of therapy is generally intended to take place across a series of at least five visits. The facility has a Certified A.R.T. Specialist onboard. Active Release Techniques are designed to counter adhesions and can be carried out with the client fully clothed. The Spa Bleu also offers a number of other massages including raindrop aromatherapy and hot and cold stone.

The Sweet Water Spa offers raindrop therapy, deep tissue massage, and customized massage, among other options.

The high-end Poseidan Spa is housed in a luxury hotel, the Mansion on Forsyth Park. Among the treatments are a “pampering” prenatal massage and an anti-aging treatment that includes a neck and shoulder massage and a facial massage with Co-Q10.

The Salt Water Spa, a day spa, offers a variety of massages, including raindrop therapy and hot stone. It also offers a signature treatment that draws from Swedish but brings a little extra, including focused attention to a client’s problem areas. Massage may be combined with services like infrared sauna — and with a day in the sand. The spa touts its location: not so far from the Tybee Island beach.

Late 2019 finds spas and fitness facilities alike hiring.

Massage Therapists in Business

Massage therapy draws people with entrepreneurial spirit, and some become quite successful. Balance Mobile Massage, for example, is LMT-owned and founded but has a team of practitioners.

Massage Therapist Salary in Savannah

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Savannah massage therapists had mean hourly earnings of $20.15 in 2018. There was a wide range with a big jump between the 25th and 50th percentiles (going from $9.47 to $25.03).

BLS figures do not include self-employment.

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