Massage Therapy School in Springfield, MO

Massage therapy in the Springfield, Missouri area reflects a changing healthcare world. Career One Stop characterizes the massage therapy outlook in the state as a whole as “bright”. The Missouri massage therapy occupation has been projected to see 22% growth over the course of 2020 to 2026, a growth rate that exactly matches that of the nation as a whole.

There’s a push here – as in other places — to try less risky treatments for pain. But massage is also viewed as a proactive form of wellness. While the older generations have more health conditions, the young are buying into wellness. The Assistant Director of Campus Recreation at Missouri State University notes younger people are being proactive about health, embracing a health/ mental health lifestyle that includes things like yoga, massage therapy, and essential oils.

The WellSpring School of Allied Health states that massage is practiced in more settings than it was in the past. The list now includes fitness centers, chiropractic offices, sports medicine and rehab centers, and even hospitals.

Massage Schools in Springfield, MO

The WellSpring School of Allied Health offers two options: a massage therapy certificate program that can be competed in 11 months or a master massage therapist program. The latter takes 16 months but results in conferral of an Associate of Occupational Science. Among the advanced concepts in the master program are oncology massage, movement modalities, corrective exercise, and spa treatments. Students have the opportunity to complete a medical externship. Accreditation is through the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

Massage in Injury Recovery and Pain Management

Some practices put multiple disciplines under one roof to help patients with pain management and injury recovery.

One to watch: A Hip Joint. This particular office is far more than chiropractic care; it also has acupuncture and massage therapy on the service menu. Massage therapy constitutes a big part of the practice. There are currently two locations up and running. The downtown clinic boasts seven LMTs. The newer South Springfield location lists five. The organization states that their LMTs are hired as employees, not contractors. Like many organizations, they offer some health and self-care perks: one free session a month in each of the wellness disciplines: acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage. A Hip Joint has an eye to expansion; a note on the website in 2019 invites people to contact them about franchise opportunities.

At least one self-employed Springfield massage therapist volunteers once a month at a clinic for people who are poor and uninsured, helping them with pain issues.

Massage for Special Populations

Massage therapists in the Springfield area are working to improve the lives of people who are in fragile health.

Among those who may benefit from services: frail elders with dementia and people who are dying. One dually credentialed Springfield LMT/ OTR, Ann Catlin, is well known in the massage world as the founder of the Center for Compassionate Touch, a program for the medically frail. Compassionate Touch may be implemented by healthcare staff with varying credentials.

Massage, well known for its relaxation, may aid people with mental health issues and substance use disorder. Synergy Executive offers a multi-disciplinary approach to substance abuse. Individuals in treatment can utilize yoga, massage, salt therapy, and acupuncture to aid their recovery.

Spa Massage in Springfield

Of course, one can still get a massage in a spa or salon! The following are among the popular Springfield spas:

Nu Essence Spa offers a wide range of beauty services and body treatments in addition to massage. One will find, among the massage styles, Thai, Bamboo fusion, hot stone and prenatal. Aromatherapy is included with massage.

Acacia Spa has an even wider range of services. It’s both a day spa and a med spa. It also offers patrons the opportunity to have consultations with a naturopathic doctor. The day spa offers tandem massage, with two massage therapists working on the same person – from a patron perspective, a particularly pricey and indulgent option. There’s also a signature couples massage and other popular standbys like deep tissue and hot stone. Cupping is available as an add-on.

Massage Therapy Self-Employment

Self-employment is very common, and can mean many things, from working in a non-employee contract capacity to owning one’s own facility and employing or contracting with others.

2B Well LLC utilizes contractors in diverse fields, including massage therapy, naturopathic medicine, yoga, and music therapy.

Tranquility Island Pain Relief Massage, Zenith Sports Massage, and Mahoney’s Massage and Healing Arts are among those that list a single practitioner. Body Kneads Massage Therapy also lists a single LMT, one who has been in the industry for several decades but clearly stayed current. Among the offerings, one finds cupping, range of motion therapy, energy work, and modalities helpful for fibromyalgia.

Precision Wellness, an LMT-owned practice, lists a total of six LMTs. Clients can schedule with their preferred therapist; bios are available on the site.

Springfield Massage Therapist Wages

Springfield, Missouri massage therapists earned a mean hourly wage of $20.36 in 2018. Most made between $9.36 (10th percentile) and $29.72 (90th percentile). These figures do not reflect self-employment earnings.

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