Massage Therapy Schools in Greensboro, NC

Greensboro’s Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists help people meet many goals, including sports performance, general wellness, relaxation, and pain management. A prospective massage therapist can get off to a good start here. There are quite a few massage schools in the area.

Massage Schools in Greensboro and Nearby

Kneaded Energy School of Massage (Greensboro) touts the practical experience students receive at the successful Kneaded Energy massage practice.

Guilford Technical Community College in Jamestown offers a 659-hour program that can be completed in nine months. Students earn Neuromuscular Therapy American Version certification along the way; the school notes this can facilitate employment in medical settings.

Forsyth Tech Community College provides students with multiple program options: certificate, diploma, or associate degree. The diploma program is 43 credit hours. Forsyth Tech programs include some academic coursework that is not universally included in massage therapy programs; the amount varies by program.

The Living Arts Institute (Winston-Salem) offers an 806-hour massage therapy program. Students earn 55 quarter hours. Students enrolled in the day program can earn their diploma in about nine months. The curriculum includes sports massage, medical massage, and spa techniques and management.

Additional Learning Options: Massage Therapy Schools in North Carolina

Greensboro Massage Therapist Work Settings

Massage is finding its way into diverse settings, from colleges to hospitals. Wake Forest University offers massage to students and others affiliated with the university at a price a little below the going rate through its Office of Wellbeing. Massage Therapy is cited among the approaches Cherokee Indian Hospital uses to address trauma (

Forsyth Tech lists the following among the possible work settings: spas, medical offices, fitness clubs, rehabilitation centers, franchises, hospitals, nursing home and assisted living settings, and private practice.

Greensboro Area Massage Practices

Kneaded Energy is a professional massage practice as well as a school – a very popular one. Kneaded Energy Professional Massage direct clients to the massage they need based on expressed needs and assessment; fees for professional services are based by session length alone. They have provided a discussion of different names that massage styles may go by (

Integrative Therapies is among those that combine disciplines to provide holistic healthcare. One will find physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, dietetics, and other holistic services such as biofeedback.

A to Zen is LMBT-owned. The practice boasts a large team of massage therapists. People also visit for yoga, infrared sauna, and salt therapy. Clients can read therapist bios and schedule with the LMBT of their choice. The website in 2019 includes a notation “join our team” as a spa attendant massage therapist or massage therapist. Spa attendant massage therapists do walk-in and last minute appointments; this is a position intended primarily for those who recently earned their credentials A to Zen also solicits resumes from massage therapists with all levels of experience and has a particular interest in those with less common modalities and areas of expertise. Custom therapeutic massage, cupping, hot bamboo massage, Thai table massage, and Bellalina Face Lift Massage are among the massage offerings.

Sonder Mind and Body Float Spa Center got a write-up in the Triad City Beat ( The practice offers floatation therapy, infrared sauna, massage therapy, and health-conscious meals and snacks. Among the massage and manual therapy styles practiced, one finds deep friction massage, lymph drainage massage, myofascial release, Jin Shin Do, and oncology massage. Massage may be combined with aromatherapy for physiological or psychophysiological effects. Sonder Mind and Body currently list a dozen massage therapists on their staff page; some are also physical therapy technicians.

Many of the areas LMBTs are in business for themselves. “Life.Breath.Love. Therapeutic Massage” is among those that lists a single practitioner.

Developing Expertise

Some LMBTs develop expertise in specialized areas. The owner of Aspire Sports Therapies has considerable experience working with professional athletes in endurance sports. The Bicycling Blog has featured her insights on working with cyclists ( She notes that it is more common now for soigneurs to have backgrounds in areas like massage. This particular professional draws from more than just the standard massage therapy education, having earned a master’s degree in sports medicine.

There are many opportunities for advanced training that don’t involve degrees – or as many hours of book learning. Individual North Carolina massage therapists cite training in modalities as specialized as Medical Qigong. Many massage therapists around the nation do have degrees but in a variety of areas.

Massage therapists can benefit from having professional relationships – and healthcare referrals. The North Carolina Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association refers people to the national organization for massage therapy mentorship.

Massage Therapist Salary

Massage therapists in the Greensboro-High Point metropolitan area earned an average hourly wage of $19.53 in 2018. The range was narrower than in many cities. The 10th percentile wage was listed as $15.62; the 90th percentile wage, $25.37.

Massage therapists in the nearby Winston-Salem metropolitan area had slightly higher earnings on average, with a mean of $22.16, a 10th percentile wage of $16.56, and a 90th percentile wage of $30.05.