Massage Therapy Schools in Idaho Falls, ID

People in Idaho Falls and the surrounding East Idaho communities are increasingly recognizing the therapeutic value of massage. There are a number of massage therapists in the area who can provide massage for pain mitigation and improved functioning. There are even some instances where massage therapy is covered by third party payers.

Popular Massage Therapy Schools in Twin Falls

The College of Massage Therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot holds institutional accreditation through the Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools (ABHES). The goal is to prepare therapists for practice in multiple settings. Among the modalities taught are trigger point and neuromuscular therapies, reflexology, and chair massage. Students also have a course in providing massage for palliative care. They have the opportunity of doing a hospital-based internship. The College of Massage Therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital is an institutional member of the American Massage Therapy Association. The program is 638 hours.

The Idaho State University, College of Technology program in Pocatello is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). The school is also an institutional member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Idaho State seeks to prepare students to meet their short- and long-term career goals. Students can earn a technical certificate or an associate of applied science (725 or 1120 academic hours).

Rexburg College of Massage Therapy is also COMTA-accredited. Students gain a foundation in Swedish massage — and much more. Zen Shiatsu, lymphatic massage, clinical therapies, and prenatal/ infant massage are among the courses. The special needs class provides an introduction to massage for the elderly (among other populations).

The International Institute of Massage Therapy in Idaho Falls has been assigned a code by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). The school touts its charity sponsorship and strong licensing examination first-time pass rate.

Local Massage Practices

The following are among the successful massage practices that serve Idaho Falls and the corridor between Rexburg and Pocatello:

Xhale Day Spa offers hot stone, deep tissue, pre- and postnatal, hydrating massage, and couples massage, as well as a signature massage that combines bodywork styles.

Cure Touch offers both clinical massage and spa-type massage but emphasizes the clinical. A focus is getting muscles pain-free. The organization notes that accident-related services may be covered by auto insurance. Cure Touch was among the businesses advertising in early 2019. They noted that the work could include out calls if the particular therapist was comfortable making them.

Sage Day Spa in Rexburg has three LMTs onboard, one of whom is also an esthetician. Hot stone and “weekend warrior” are among the offerings. Aromatic oils are part of what creates the Sage Day Spa signature massage.

A number of East Idaho massage therapists are in business for themselves. Some even operate a massage therapy business out of their home. East Idaho News included a brief profile of Kalm Massage Therapy in an article about home-based businesses (

Massage Therapy as a Healthcare Practice

The effect of massage on the body’s soft tissue can be immediately apparent. Some effects are less obvious but very real. Hospitals and medical centers around the nation are slowly beginning to add massage to their health management strategies. There are leaders in East Idaho working toward recognition of massage as an integrative treatment for a variety of chronic and acute conditions.

One Blackfoot institution, Bingham Memorial Hospital, has been instrumental. Articles on the website note the value of oncology massage and post-accident massage, among other types. Bingham Memorial Hospital is one of just a handful of hospitals around the nation to have its own massage school. Among its stated goals: integrating massage therapy into mainstream healthcare. The organization notes that doctors are, to an increasing degree, making referrals for back aches, headaches, and high stress levels.

Wellness Centers, Chiropractic Offices, and Fitness Centers

Some practices combine massage with other healthcare or wellness services. It is very common to offer massage services in chiropractic offices. Massage therapy and physical therapy pairings are not uncommon. Some massage services are covered by worker’s compensation or auto insurance policies.

Untapped Health, Fitness, and Recovery combines massage, fitness programs, and nutrition programs. Massage services include craniosacral, prenatal, sports, and Thai sports, among others.

Legacy Health offers chiropractic/ chiropractic physiotherapy , sports performance, and massage. The organization boasts a similar range of styles, including Thai sports massage; cupping is considered an add-on.

The Advanced Integrative Medical Center in Blackfoot, a small practice, pairs massage therapy with chiropractic and nurse practitioner services.

Integrative centers may utilize a small team or a single LMT. There are however, many small practices! There is also the option of self-employment.

Occupational Growth

Statewide, 30% occupational growth has been projected for the 2016 to 2026 decade.

Pursuing Specialized Training

The initial education is often short. Licensed Massage Therapists develop new competencies through continuing education. Some trainings are available only on an intermittent basis. A massage school or other organization will sponsor a visiting expert to conduct a class on a weekend or over the span of a few days. In 2019, for example, the International Institute of Massage Therapy will sponsor a class in massage for the burn survivor (among various other offerings).

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