Massage Therapy Schools in Overland Park

While massage therapist licensure is not yet a requirement statewide in Kansas, Overland Park licenses these valuable professionals — and sets standards high!

Massage therapists in the Overland Park area work in franchises, spas, massage studios, and healthcare centers.

Massage is making inroads into the medical community. Menorah Medical Center has a massage therapist on board who is trained in oncology massage. Shawnee Mission Health, now part of the MD Anderson Cancer Center Network, has a team in place to support whole person wellness; massage therapy and music therapy are among the offerings. At Shawnee Mission Health, massage is recognized as potentially beneficial to other populations. Kansas licenses naturopaths provides; this provides opportunities for unique affiliations. Shawnee Mission Health offers ND-led holistic care.

KSTN, meanwhile, reported on a camp for stroke survivors and caregivers: a weekend retreat where massage is among the offerings (

Top Massage Therapy Schools Near Overland Park

The Wellspring School of Allied Health, a school member of the American Massage Therapy Association, has branches in Lawrence, Kansas and in Kansas City, Missouri. AMTA reports that the program is 750 hours. Qualified students can receive financial aid. Students are introduced to a variety of modalities and populations; the curriculum includes perinatal massage, sports massage, and massage for older adults. Students who want a deeper and broader education can opt for an associate’s degree program. The advanced training includes movement modalities, corrective exercise, spa techniques, and oncology massage; students even have the opportunity to do an externship in a healthcare setting.

Students at the Pinnacle Career Institute in Kansas City, Missouri can opt for a seven-month program that provides preparation for Swedish, deep tissue, and reflexology, among other modalities. Holistic therapies and massage for special populations are among the course offerings.

It’s a bit more of a trek to the Bellus Academy in Manhattan, Kansas, but here students will find a 840-hour NACCAS-accredited program. Bellus Academy is also an AMTA member.

Overland Park Massage Therapy Practices

If a massage therapist takes a job here now, there is a good chance they will be working for a franchise. The area boasts quite a few: Massage Envy, Zen Massage, Massage Heights.

An Overland Park therapist could instead provide services for a local spa or wellness center. Spas offer services like infrared as well as bodywork, energy work, and esthetic services. Many clients come for general relaxation. They may also be looking for relief from symptoms associated with health conditions. Prenatal massage has become quite common.

The Ultimate Escape Day Spa was among those looking to hire in 2019. This very popular spa offers styles such as Swedish, foot reflexology, and combined Swedish/ deep tissue. Their ‘ultimate relaxation’ massage can incorporate various techniques, depending on the needs of the individual client.

Sunlight Day Spa is another popular Overland Park mini get-away. It offers raindrop massage as well as common modalities such as Swedish and deep tissue.

Health and Wellness Centers

Massage therapists may be stationed within the practices of healthcare practitioners such as chiropractors. Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation utilizes the services of a Licensed Massage Therapist. Some massage therapists work at small wellness centers that utilize professionals from diverse disciplines. A practice may look for therapists with specialized skills. Midwest Myofascial Release Center, for example, has several massage therapists with skill in myofascial release. The organization also boasts a Reiki Master, adept in energy techniques, and a counselor.

Overland Park’s Family Holistic Center, which offers various services that have particular appeal to young and growing families, currently has two massage therapists onboard; therapeutic massage complements a menu that includes movement courses (some related to maternity and childbirth) and other services such as physical therapy. One of the LMTs is also a yoga teacher – one of many dual credentialing options.

The Family Holistic Center has created the OMamas at hOMe online community. This may be viewed as part of a trend: Client to client referrals can be invaluable, but today’s successful businesses are often web-savvy. They spread information and, in some cases, promote networking. Professional associations such as the American Massage Therapy Association and Associated Bodywork and Massage Tools provide tools for marketing.

Bringing Massage On-Site

Massage can be an attractive on-site amenity. Royale at City Palace, a luxury apartment complex, has opted for it; the organization lists massage therapy among its unique features.

Some of the city’s massage therapists do outcalls: ‘waist up’ as per Overland Park city code. Chair massage can be a popular service at events.

Massage Therapy Entrepreneurs

Job concentration is lower than the national average in Kansas. There are many populations, though than can benefit — and lots of open space for a massage therapist who wants to create his or her own niche.

Self-employment can be an attraction option. Indigo Massage Therapy and The Spring in Winter Massage are among Overland Park’s very successful enterprises. Proprietor bios reveal that both have gone far beyond the minimum. The proprietor of Indigo Massage Therapy holds certification in vibrational sound therapy as well as cupping. She pursues at least 12 credit hours a year! The proprietor of The Spring in Winter now operates out of two locations; she notes that she sought Missouri licensure when she first began practicing in Kansas – and that she has pursued training in many specialty areas, including myofascial release and manual lymphatic drainage ( Her professional affiliations include a chiropractic and acupuncture practice.

Additional Learning Opportunities

Professional associations such as the American Massage Therapy Association-Kansas are resources with regard to continuing education. Touch for Health (TFH) recently held a Spring Meeting in Eudora, Kansas about half an hour away.


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