Massage Therapy School in Rochester, MN

Rochester, Minnesota is a major healthcare city – and a majorly health one, having been ranked #1 of all U.S cities in a 2019 report ( It’s a city massage therapists may want to take a look at.

Massage Therapy Schools in Rochester, MN

Riverland Community College (Austin) offers a 27-credit certificate program. Students earn five credits for their clinical experience and internship experience. The Riverland program has been assigned a code by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

The Salon Professional Academy offers a 750 hour program that can be completed in about six months. Located in Onalaska, it’s a further option.

Minnesota State College Southeast (Winona), a program with a strong reputation, has a note on its website in late 2019 that it is not taking new applications at this time.

Massage Therapist Work Settings in Rochester

Some Rochester massage therapists perform relaxation massage at spas or franchises. Others perform targeted massage to help people with various health conditions. They may work in any of many settings, including healthcare offices and clinics and private studios.

Peruse the job ads in November 2019 and one can see some bright news: There is more than one organization advertising for hospice massage therapist in Rochester. While hospice has traditionally been anything but bright, it is indication that massage is making its way to those who need it most. The Mayo Clinic notes two studies underway to determine the effects of massage therapy on hospice quality of life.

Massage therapists are often stationed at chiropractic offices. Absolute Chiropractic Family Wellness Center, Quality Life Chiropractic, and Northgate Chiropractic Clinic are among the offices that have massage therapists onsite. Northgate Chiropractic Clinic notes that their massage therapist is also a chiropractic technician. Optimal Movement combines chiropractic care, acupuncture, yoga, and massage therapy. Areas of specialty include deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage.

The White Pebble Spa Co. has two locations very near Rochester (St. Charles and Stewartville) and another in Winona. People come for services like prenatal massage, hot stone massage, energy therapies, and even myofascial release. The website in 2019 includes an invitation for talented massage therapists to send in their resumes.

Serenity Couture Salon and Spa and Hair Studio 52 and Day Spa combine massage and other spa services with hair styling. has mentioned a number of spas and wellness facilities in an article on Rochester, Minnesota health (

The state as a whole has been projected to see 22.7% massage therapist occupational growth across the 2016 to 2026 decade.

The Mayo Clinic

The renowned Mayo Clinic is a leader in therapeutic massage research as well as hospital-based practice. The organization states that it has found evidence for the efficacy of massage in managing pain and tension related to breast cancer, colon surgery, and heart surgery, among other conditions.

One Mayo Clinic study examines the efficacy of massage in managing pain associated with subarachnoid hemorrhages. Research and information is available through the Integrative Medicine and Health Program. Patients can access integrative services. The Mayo Clinic states that their massage therapists have additional training in areas like lymphedema drainage, scar tissue mobilization, and reflexology.

The general public can purchase massage through the Mayo Abraham Healthy Living Center.

The Mayo Clinic offers a course for massage therapists who want to practice hospital massage. Hospital practice has its challenges, not the least of which is IV lines.

Rochester Massage Therapists in Business

Massage therapy and entrepreneurial vision often go hand in hand. Massage Remedies Wellness is one of many successful small practices that has a single massage therapist at the helm. Lilac Wellness Center is co-owned by four massage therapists and a Reiki master/ nurse. The organization offers a number of services, including spa parties and corporate wellness.

The Post Bulletin published a question and answer session with a Rochester massage therapy entrepreneur. She shared some of the things she has done to grow her business: providing chair massage to members of the Rochester, going to Chamber of Commerce events, and upping her social media presence. She credits a business she previously worked for, the Healing Spa, with getting her off to a good start. Sometimes one has to make a leap of faith. She had long wanted to be in business for herself as a massage therapist, but the call to action was when an acquaintance told her about a room available for rent in a desirable location. Vibrational sound is among the treats on the add-on menu. She noted plans to expand to selling essential oils. Many massage therapists, notably, do something besides “just” massage.

Massage therapists who are in business are not necessarily solo. They often team with other healthcare professionals, whether fellow massage therapists or practitioners of complementary healing arts. The Post Bulletin also profiled an LMT who works in partnership with a chiropractor ( She has developed expertise over the years in alleviating pain. Sciatica and frozen shoulder are among the conditions she can assist with. She sees results, with improved range of motion often immediately evidenced. Like many, she notes that massage and chiropractic care truly complement each other. Her sessions, she states, are just right as prep for a session with an intuitive chiropractor.

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