Massage Therapy School in Tulsa, Oklahoma

From a massage therapist standpoint, Tulsa, Oklahoma has quite a bit going for it. The cost of living is lower than the average; the wages, average. The job concentration in Oklahoma is lower than average, but long-term projections foresee occupational growth of more than 24% across the 2016 to 2026 decade. Massage therapists who have business savvy as well as technical skill sometimes do very well moving into new markets.

The current job market includes massage franchises, spas, and small healthcare offices.

There are many areas where massage can be promoted and incorporated to better lives. Here and there, one finds public and private sector taking advantage of the potential. Senior living communities like Saint Simeon’s have wellness facilities with massage rooms ( Destiny Wellness Center, a state-licensed mental health and substance abuse agency, advertised in 2019 for a massage therapist for its wellness center.

Popular Massage Therapy Schools in Tulsa

The Clary Sage College massage therapy program can be completed in eight months. Students get professional experience in the student clinic.

The Ankrum Institute characterizes their curriculum as advanced bodywork, not massage therapy. It is nonetheless a school member of the American Massage Therapy Association. The bodywork program is 500 hours.

Massage Therapist Work Options inTulsa

The following is a look at some of the major types of employer:

Spas can serve multiple purposes. People may come for support with physical pain as well as relaxation and general wellness. Prenatal massage, for example, is big around the nation. Often, though, the spa experience is just that: an experience. People are looking for an escape, a touch of luxury, and in some cases, something that speaks to their spiritual side. They may be drawn to luxurious scented massage creams, hot or cold stone treatments, and themed treatment packages. Spa packages may even celebrate the seasons. When spring rolls around, for example, spas may invite women to enjoy a massage and other services side by side with their moms. Spas may provide a variety of beauty and wellness services. Some massage therapists seek co-credentialing as estheticians, though it’s not necessary – spas may have large teams of professionals.

Healthcare offices, on the other hand, provide more results-oriented massage. One often finds chiropractors and massage therapists in the same building. Some businesses have a focus on sports and/ or rehabilitation; they may put quite a few professionals in the same place, for example, physical therapists and even doctors. Modalities such as trigger point and neuromuscular therapy can be important competencies for an LMT.

Franchises may be more spa-like or more therapeutic. Elements advertises itself as therapeutic massage.

Best Tulsa Massage Therapy Practices

Omni Oasis uses the words ‘luxury’ and ‘wellness’ both to describe its services. The business offers variety of massages which may be integrated with other services such as body wraps and body polishing; it even has a massage that incorporates heated crystals in an infrared mat. Omni Oasis was among those hiring in early 2019.

Aquarian Age Massage has ten massage therapists with different areas of competence (for example, prenatal massage, hot stone massage, sinus massage, integrative massage); individual massage therapists typically have three to eight listed modalities. Clients can select their preferred therapist.

Balanced Bodies Massage boasts a founder who has worked with professional sports teams. The practice has a couple of other massage therapists onboard, one of whom is also a yoga instructor, one of whom has expertise in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Massage services include neuromuscular therapy and several types of medical massage, among them, Osteopathic manipulative treatment and manual lymphatic drainage. Like most practices, Balanced Bodies can provide a basic relaxation massage.

H2Oasis Tea House and Oxygen Bar offers quite a few wellness services. The business uses online booking to schedule massage sessions for its patrons.

Recover Tulsa offers massage therapy along with physical therapy, chiropractic services, and functional training. Recover was among the businesses that advertised in 2019. The business sought prior experience with specific modalities, including instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and cupping. They listed the job type as commission and the salary as a healthy $35 to $45 an hour.

There is at least one multi-location mobile massage company operating in Tulsa: LoDo Massage. LoDo was advertising rates above $40 in 2019, but noted it was as an independent contractor.

Some local massage practices are able to provide mobile/ onsite services.

Massage Therapist Wages in Tulsa

Tulsa massage therapists earned a median $20.43 in 2018 — a shade above the national median. It appears that massage therapists near the entry-level are making more than their counterparts nationwide; the 10th percentile wage was $13.33. It also appears that there are fewer massage therapists here making really high wages; the 90th percentile figure was just $30.87.

This is by no means the limit. Massage therapy earnings are complex, and self-employment adds another level of complexity. People are often willing to pay well for their selected massage. One popular Tulsa practice advertises $60 for a standard 60-minute massage; another $90. Yet another charges $75 for a Swedish massage with add-ons and others styles increasing the tab.

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